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Sunset Over the Mediterranean
2015: Earth As seen From the International Space Station

ISS042E240938 (02.11.2015): This Earth observation image was taken from the International Space Station and tweeted by astronaut Terry Virts to his followers with this comment ... 'Sunset over the Med, Italy, Adriatic, and Alps' 


The NAG first started having 'Bring & Share' meetings in response to the realisation that, like many rural communities, NAG members, their friends and families could feel isolated. We wanted to bring people together from different neighbourhoods so that they could become neighbours to one another, even if they lived in different parts of Nottingham. Although at this time we can't have 'Bring & Share' meetings, for the duration of what a friend has called 'this madness', the NAG will try and play its part in making sure that, as far as is possible, everyone has a neighbour. Starting today, we'll use this page to post information about help that is available, and about ways in which we can all help one another.




Take care. Stay safe. Stay well

You can contact the NAG by e-mail, and/or by phone (Please leave a brief message and include a return phone number)

E-Mail contact@nottinghamaction.org.uk
Tel: 07784 881412


7 FEBRUARY 2004 

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the momentum that led to the formation of the NAG began to build up. A lot of what happened came about almost by accident rather than intent, with contacts being established between people who, as a rule, one would not have expected to meet up, but who did. 

By pooling their resources they set up the circumstances that brought together a diverse group of individuals from very different neighbourhoods in Nottingham who had in common the same sort of concerns about the erosion of those neighbourhoods by large numbers of shared houses (HMOs as we since learned to call them). 

No doubt, opinions will vary as to exactly when that momentum became sufficient to trigger the formation of the NAG. In February, 2003 the University of Nottingham hosted the launch of a report commissioned by the City's Area 4 Committee on the effects of what we now call 'studentification'. That launch brought together some of the people who helped to bring about the NAG. A meeting with Alan Simpson MP followed on the 14 August 2003. Although it had been arranged at relatively short notice, more than 70 people come together at the then Western Club. But in my mind, the meeting on the 18 November, 2003 of the QMC Forum is the event that finally triggered the formal constitution of the NAG a few months later (NotesSpecialQMCForumPublicMeetingNovember2003.pdf ).

I've done some hunting around in the NAG's archives (NAG Magazine Issues 2009: NAG Magazine (TransNAG), and I've come up with two articles in the Evening Post, one by Joanna Kowalski reporting that QMC Forum meeting, and one written by Guy Woodford about the inaugural meeting of the Nottingham Action Group on 7 February, 2004. Together, they begin to set the scene for what has come about since.



An HMO is often also known as a 'shared house'. Put as simply as possible, an HMO is a building, or part of a building, occupied as a main residence by more than one household where a 'household' can be one person or several people provided that they are related to one another. So, for example, a home is probably an HMO if 

•three or more unrelated people live there as at least two separate households, and

•the people living there share the same amenities such as a kitchen and/or bathroom.

For more information about HMOs and about legislation relating to HMOs, we suggest you take a look at these websites:



Also, Nottingham City Council publish a regularly up-dated Register of Licensed HMOs, which can be downloaded from the appropriate link in this page: http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/HMO. Scroll to the 'Downloads' section and the register is the last item on the list.


Complaints about licensed HMOs can be made directly by e-mailing:




If you want advice or help relating to the condition and management of your privately rented property

E-Mail: environmental.health@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
Telephone: 0115 915-2020 (Option 4)
Write to: Environmental Health, Community Protection, Nottingham City Council, Loxley House,
Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG



February 2019 Unipol-NAG (U-NAG) Open Meeting: 'Current Trends & Future Developments in the Student Housing Market'

Notes of this meeting, held on Thursday 21 February 2019, are now available to read and to download when you open this page.

January 2018 NAG Open Meeting: Notes of Meeting Now Available

Notes of this meeting, held on Friday, 26 January 2018, are available to read and to download when you open this page.




Belfast Hoyland Anti-Social Behaviour

Robbie Meredith (BBC News NI Education Correspondent) writing on Thursday 28 November 2019 reports on anti-social behaviour in the Hoyland area of Belfast and disciplinary measures taken by Queen's University and Ulster University.

'How Students Can Buy a £400,000 Home With Zero Deposit'

Patrick Collinson, Money Editor of The Guardian (Saturday 26 October 2019) used this headline for a report by Patrick Collinson, its Money Editor, on the increasing number of building societies offering deals that let young adults buy their university home and pay the mortgage with the rent they charge other students.

Students at Bristol (UWE) & Coventry Universities Unhappy with University Accommodation

The BBC News (Wednesday 23 October 2019 and Thursday 24 October) carried reports about students dissatisfaction with their accommodation at the University of the West of England, Bristol, where students have said that 'studio pods' are 'not fit for humans'; and at Coventry University where students were moved into temporary accommodation due to a rat problem at halls of residence.



Nottingham Tops Survey of Faster Growing Home Rental Costs

On Wednesday 16 October 2019 Kevin Peachey (Personal Finance Reporter, BBC News) reported on a survey by property website Zoopla which had found that 'tenants moving into a Nottingham home this summer paid 5.4% more in rent than a year earlier.' Leeds and Bristol (up by 4.5%) were the only other UK cities where rents rose faster than the UK average growth.

Bolting the Stable Door: Councillors Aim to Stop Beeston Tide of HMOs

Writing in the Nottingham Post on Friday 5 July 2019, Kit Sandeman reported that Broxtowe Borough Council is to take action to control the number of student houses in Beeston ... and prevent it from turning into another Lenton.

Medical Practitioner's Tribunal Service Suspends GP HMO Landlord

The Nottingham Post (Matt Jarram, Friday 8 March 2019) reported on a Medical Practitioner's Tribunal hearing where Dr, Balvinder Singh Mehat was judged to have brought the profession into disrepute as a result of his activities as an HMO landlord and a director of Mehat Properties Limited.



Unite Submit Planning Application for 690-Bed Student Purpose Build on Derby Road

On Tuesday 21 January 2020, the Unite Group Plc submitted a planning application to Nottingham City Council for permission to site purpose built student accommodation for 690 students on a car showroom site on Derby Road near its junctions with Gregory Street/Radmarsh Road and Triumph Road.

Residents' Views on Plans to Build 500-Plus Student Flats Near the Meadows

An article on Tuesday 28 January 2020 by Matt Jarram, Senior Digital Reporter and Crime Correspondent for the Nottingham Post reported on residents' views on plans for purpose built student accommodation on a derelict site near the Meadows.

Planning Committee Approve 703-Bed Student Accommodation Near Lidl on Wollaton Road

The Nottingham Post's Kit Sandeman (Saturday 21 December 2019) reported that the Council's Planning Committee, which met on Wednesday 18 December 2019, approved plans to build student accommodation in Deakins Plan, near the Lidl on Wollaton Road.

Lenton Community Imbalance at Crisis Point: But "...Thousands More Student Bedrooms Needed ..."

On Friday 20 December 2019 the Nottingham Post reported on a decision by the City Council's Planning Committee to approve plans for a 222-bed student block on Radmarsh Road. A councillor for the Lenton & Wollaton Park East Ward make an impassioned plea for the plans to be rejected stating that: "What's already a complete and total unmanaged community imbalance is accelerating to a level that is totally unsustainable."


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Last, but by no means least, we also thank our neighbours in the National HMO Lobby for their continuing help and support.

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