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“We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams, ...
... Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.”

[Arthur O’Shaughnessy, Poems of Arthur O’Shaughnessy]

We are residents living in neighbourhoods from across a large part of the City of Nottingham (Sherwood, The Arboretum, Hyson Green, Radford, The Park, Lenton, Dunkirk, The Meadows, Wollaton Park, Wollaton, Lenton Abbey), and also in Beeston and West Bridgford.

Although our neighbourhoods are as different from one another as we are, what they have in common are the problems caused by increasing concentrations of so-called 'Houses in Multiple Occupation' (HMOs) - shared houses with absentee landlords and short-term, highly transient tenants.

What we have in common is the feeling that as individual residents we run the risk of having little or no say in what primarily local and national government, our higher education establishments, developers, investors, and others are planning and doing, even though their decisions directly affect us and the future of the neighbourhoods in which we live. As individuals we feel we have little or no voice. However, we believe that coming together as a group gives us a voice.

In February 2004, we did get together and formed the Nottingham Action Group on HMOs – the NAG – not a nice name, but appropriate. What has been happening to our neighbourhoods is not nice for those who live in them, or for their futures, and we are ready to nag and keep on nagging to get things done.

Whilst we cannot change what has happened, perhaps we too can become not just the 'dreamers of dreams' but also the 'movers and shakers', and, by influencing what may be going to happen, so help shape the future of our neighbourhoods.

For the NAG that future needs to be neighbourhoods that are resilient, balanced and sustainable, and where people feel happy to put down roots and contribute to the future of the City of Nottingham as a whole. In other words:

‘... places where people want to live and work and learn, now and in the future. ...'


An HMO is often also known as a 'shared house'. Put as simply as possible, an HMO is a building, or part of a building, occupied as a main residence by more than one household where a 'household' can be one person or several people provided that they are related to one another. So, for example, a home is probably an HMO if 

•three or more unrelated people live there as at least two separate households, and

•the people living there share the same amenities such as a kitchen and/or bathroom.

For more information about HMOs and about legislation relating to HMOs, we suggest you take a look at these websites:



Also, Nottingham City Council publish a regularly up-dated Register of Licensed HMOs, which can be downloaded from the 'Downloads' section at:




If you want advice or help relating to the condition and management of your privately rented property

E-Mail: environmental.health@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
Telephone: 0115 915-2020 (Option 4)
Write to: Environmental Health, Community Protection, Nottingham City Council, Loxley House,
Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG

1 October 2016 to 31 December 2016

During this period no letting boards whatsoever are permitted in the areas covered by the protocol (Regulation 7 Direction) controlling the display of these boards, whether fixed to the outside of a property or attached to a pole in the 'conventional manner': see 'Areas Covered by the Regulation 7 Direction', NAG NewsDesk October 2016.

To report possible infringements, you are asked to e-mail


Please include as much information as possible about the board and its location, e.g. precise address and landlord/agent displaying the board.



January 2017 NAG Open Meeting

Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 6.30 pm in the St. Mary's Church Hall, Wollaton Hall Drive, Wollaton Park. 'Budget Consultation - Your City Your Services', a consultation on the Nottingham City Council Budget for 2017-2018


Krisis: Exhibition Explores a Multitude of Modern Crises

Friday 28 October to Friday 9 December. In partnership with the Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham Contemporary, Krisis presents an exhibition and events programme of international visual and performance artists.


Nottingham East Constituency: Contact information for Chris Leslie MP.
Nottingham South ConstituencyContact and constituency advice surgery information for Lilian Greenwood MP.

Dunkirk & Lenton Ward (D&L)Ward Walk, Tuesday 13 December 2016, 9.45 am to 11.00 am, Dunkirk and Abbey Bridge, meet outside the Dunkirk Community Centre.

Radford & Park Ward (R&P): Ward Walk, Thursday 8 December 2016, 2.30 pm, The Park Estate, meet at the tunnel entrance on Tennis Mews.

Wollaton East & Lenton Abbey Ward (WELA): Ward Walk, Thursday 15 December 2016, 10.00 am to 11.00 am, Hathern Green, Bosley Square, Enderby Square, Lenton Abbey, meet at the Woodside Road shops.



Government Proposes Measures to Stop Exploitation of Tenants: Consultation Announced

As reported on by Hilary Osborne (The Guardian Tuesday 18 October 2016) Government is proposing a package of measures to help Local Authorities to clamp down on rogue landlords who exploit tenants. The consultation on government's proposals will run until Tuesday 13 December 2016.

Shelter's New Living Home Standard

Hannah Richardson (BBC News & Social Affairs Reporter) on 17 October 2016, writes that housing charity Shelter says that more than four in 10 homes in Britain do not reach acceptable standards in areas such as cleanliness, safety and space.

'Postcards from Belfast's Holyland' ... Revisited

The NAG Magazine Summer 2008 highlighted a series of 'postcards' from around the National HMO Lobby, including Belfast's Holyland. The BBC News on-line Northern Ireland section on Thursday 22 September 2016 carried a report that 'Students involved in anti-social behaviour in Belfast's Holyland area are putting their education and careers at risk' ...

Ground Hog Day

Chris Brooke's article in the Daily Mail on Saturday 3 September 2016 tells the story of a Durham resident who has been driven out of her home for 40 years because she can no longer cope with the anti-social behaviour on the street where she is the only non-student resident.

Rogue Lettings Agent Jailed

Under the headline '"Speak Out" Plea as Rogue Letting Agent is Jailed', on 8 July 2016 Kevin Peachey (BBC Person Finance Reporter) reports on the jailing of a rogue lettings agent and on how billions of pounds could be saved if fraud and scam victims were to speak out rather than 'suffer in silence'.



Dinosaurs Are Coming to Nottingham

Ticket sales have opened for the 'Dinosaurs of China' world exclusive exhibition is coming to Europe for the first time and is due to open in Nottingham in July 2017.

Nottingham Castle Awarded £14m of lottery funding

As report by the BBC's on-line news, Robin Hood is celebrating the success of the Nottingham Castle Lottery Bid.

Nottingham Magistrates Fine Nottingham HMO Ltd. £29,000

On Tuesday 6 September 2016, Chris Breese (chris.breese@nottstv.com) reported on Nottingham HMO Ltd which was taken to court by Nottingham City Council for breaching HMO management regulations and failing to respond to a notice requesting information with respect to a property on Alfreton Road, Nottingham.

Landlord Ignored Notice Given by the Community Protection Safer Housing Team

As reported by Rod Malcolm in the Nottingham Post (3 August 2016), the Magistrates' Court has fined 'rogue landlord' Matteo Mariano of Ranmoor Road, Gedling a total of £2681.

Excuse that Being Too Busy Is Not Acceptable: Student Letting Agent Suspended

The Unipol Code Tribunal has suspended Megaclose from the official student housing accreditation scheme after the agent, claiming to be too busy, failed to do remedial work required by the health and safety elements of the Unipol Code.



Seven Simple Ways to Create Healthy, Happy Neighbourhoods

Laura Alvarez, Lecturer in Architectural Technology at Nottingham Trent University, writing in 'The Conversation' comes up with seven simple rules to help make good neighbourhoods.

Growth of City Trees Can Cut Air Pollution

Mark Kinver, Environment Report, BBC News, Monday 31 October 2016, writes about a study which reports that planting trees is a cost effective way to tackle urban air pollution.

Bramcote Developer Submits Plans for Student Accommodation on Former Red Cross Site on Gregory Street, Lenton

An application has been received by Nottingham City Council's planners to build 43 one-bedroom studio apartments to let to students ranging in height from two to four storeys at 31 Gregory Street. Detailed information is available and comments need to be made as soon as possible, preferably by Friday 21 October 2016.

NTU & Community Protection Work Together to Reduce Disturbance & Anti-Social Behaviour

Since mid September 2014, Nottingham Trent University has contributed approximately £10,000 a year towards a collaboration which has resulted in two officers (CPOs or PCSOs) patrolling the area around the university's city centre buildings and residences on two nights a week during term times.


The Nottingham Action Group on HMOs wishes to thank: Nottingham City Council for funding support; everyone whose contributions (photographs, ideas, articles, work) form part of this website; and Magneto Technologies Ltd (http://magnetoweb.com) for the expertise which has enabled us to set up and maintain this website.

Last, but by no means least, we also thank our neighbours in the National HMO Lobby for their continuing help and support.

The views and opinions expressed in contributions to this website do not necessarily reflect those of the Nottingham Action Group on HMOs, its committee, or its wider membership.

Whilst endeavouring to ensure that reports are accurate, from time to time mistakes may occur. If you feel this is the case, please contact the Nottingham Action Group on HMOs. Information on how to do so is available on the 'Contact Us' page of this website.