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Mycenae: The The Lion Gate
23 September

In 1841 Greek archaeologist Kyriakos Pittakis while carrying out the first exacavation at Mycenae found the Lion Gate and restored it. Having begun to sink shafts at the site without permission in 1874, and with permission from and supervision of the Archaelogical Society of Athens Heinrich Schliemann began to exacavate the site. Schliemann had an implicit belief in the historical basis of the Homeric legends. When he found shaft graves, royal skeletons and grave goods, he associated these with Homer's tale of the Siege of Troy. So, when he discovered a gold death mask he is recorded as saying 'I have gazed upon the face of Agamemmnon'. The mask itself is now in the museum in Athens.


7 FEBRUARY 2004 

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the momentum that led to the formation of the NAG began to build up. A lot of what happened came about almost by accident rather than intent, with contacts being established between people who, as a rule, one would not have expected to meet up, but who did. 

By pooling their resources they set up the circumstances that brought together a diverse group of individuals from very different neighbourhoods in Nottingham who had in common the same sort of concerns about the erosion of those neighbourhoods by large numbers of shared houses (HMOs as we since learned to call them). 

No doubt, opinions will vary as to exactly when that momentum became sufficient to trigger the formation of the NAG. In February 2003 Nottingham University hosted the launch of a report commissioned by the City's Area 4 Committee on the effects of what we now call 'studentification'. That launch brought together some of the people who helped to bring about the NAG. A meeting with Alan Simpson MP followed on the 14 August 2003. Although it had been arranged at relatively short notice, more than 70 people came together at the then Western Club. However, the meeting on the 18 November, 2003 of the QMC Forum is the event that finally triggered the formal constitution of the NAG a few months later (NotesSpecialQMCForumPublicMeetingNovember2003.pdf ).

I've done some hunting around in the NAG's archives (NAG Magazine Issues 2009: NAG Magazine (TransNAG), and I've come up with two articles in the Evening Post, one by Joanna Kowalski reporting that QMC Forum meeting, and one written by Guy Woodford about the inaugural meeting of the Nottingham Action Group on 7 February, 2004. Together, they begin to set the scene for what has come about since.




Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, the widespread problems experienced by residents as students  returned to collect the belongings they left behind when lockdown began in March, heightened residents' concerns about the impact on them and their families, friends and neighbours when students return for the beginning of the new academic year 2020-2021.

Community Concerns About Covid-19 & Higher Education: A Letter From Nottingham Residents

'A Letter Expressing Concerns About the End of the Academic Year 2019-2020 & the New Academic Year 2020-2021' was sent on 28 June 2020 to, amongst others, the Vice-Chancellors and Registrars of Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University, MPs for the Nottingham South and Nottingham East Constituencies, the Leader of Nottingham City Council, the Council's Portfolio Holder for Communities, Ward Councillors, and Nottinghamshire Police. The letter can be downloaded by following the link to the 'Coronavirus 2020' page of this website which is a rolling commentary on actions and reactions, national (some international) as well as in Nottingham, to those concerns. An initial response to this letter from Nottingham University, mailed on 9 August 2020, can also be downloaded from the same page.

SAGE Papers on Higher Education and Covid-19

The NAG is one of around 60 groups which, together, form the National HMO Lobby. One of the Lobby's strengths has always been that its members, by exchanging experiences and information, are able to work together to highlight problems of common concern. By doing so, they support one another and help to give a voice and visibility to people who share their concerns about what is happening in their neighbourhoods, to their families, friends and neighbours.

Papers published by SAGE on Higher Education and Covid-19 highlighted some serious misconceptions about the threat of Covid-19 iin relation to universities. As a result, and with input from members, the Co-ordinator has prepared a response on behalf of the HMO Lobby. This can be read by following the link:

National HMO Lobby Response to SAGE Papers on Higher Education & Covid-19

Correspondence with Professor Michael Otsuka of the London School of Economics,  associated with the HMO Lobby's response resulted in this Twitter thread being posted by Professor Otsuka on Monday 10 August 2020:


On Tuesday 11 August 2020 Professor Otsuka added a link to the National HMO Lobby's response to the SAGE papers:


Independent SAGE Consultation Statement on Universities in the Context of SARS-CoV-2

On Thursday 20 August 2020, the Independent SAGE published its Report 9: Independent SAGE-Behaviour Group Consultation Statement on Universities in the context of SARS-CoV-2. The report can be downloaded by following this link:


Principles for Managing SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Associated with Higher Education

On Friday 4 September 2020, SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) published a paper prepared by the Task and Finish Group on Higher Education/Further Education outlining principles for managing transmission of  SARS-CoV-2 in Higher Education establishments. The Coronavirus 2020 page of this website lists the six points of  the Executive Summary. The full paper can be downloaded from there also.



An HMO is often also known as a 'shared house'. Put as simply as possible, an HMO is a building, or part of a building, occupied as a main residence by more than one household where a 'household' can be one person or several people provided that they are related to one another. So, for example, a home is probably an HMO if 

•three or more unrelated people live there as at least two separate households, and

•the people living there share the same amenities such as a kitchen and/or bathroom.

For more information about HMOs and about legislation relating to HMOs, we suggest you take a look at these websites:



Also, Nottingham City Council publish a regularly up-dated Register of Licensed HMOs, which can be downloaded from the appropriate link in this page: http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/HMO. Scroll to the 'Downloads' section and the register is the last item on the list.


Complaints about licensed HMOs can be made directly by e-mailing:




If you want advice or help relating to the condition and management of your privately rented property

E-Mail: environmental.health@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
Telephone: 0115 915-2020 (Option 4)
Write to: Environmental Health, Community Protection, Nottingham City Council, Loxley House,
Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG



February 2019 Unipol-NAG (U-NAG) Open Meeting: 'Current Trends & Future Developments in the Student Housing Market'

Notes of this meeting, held on Thursday 21 February 2019, are now available to read and to download when you open this page.


Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan - Growth Options Consultation

Nottingham City Council has announced that comments can now be submitted on the Growth Options document, the first formal stage in preparing the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan. The deadline for comments is Monday 14 September 2020.



Mass Gatherings of Exeter University Students Prompt Renewed Fears of Coronavirus Transmission

Writing in DevonLive on Monday 21 September 2020, Anita Merritt reported on fears that a crowded Exeter University event where Covid-19 rules and social distancing were ignored had 'endangered' lives.

Students in Lockdown in Halls as Universities Grapple with Increasing Covid-19 Cases

Sally Weale, Education Correspondent of the Guardian, writing on Monday 21 September 2020, reported that students in a number of UK universities are in lockdown in their halls as a result of Covid-19 outbreaks just days after the beginning of the new academic term.

Coronavirus: Survey Suggests Residents Fear Return of Students Will Cause Rise in Covid-19

The BBC News (Sunday 20 September) - in common with many other national and local news media - reported on a survey by the University & College Union suggesting that more than half of local residents in UK university towns and cities fear the return of students will herald Covid-19 spikes and lockdowns, with a similar lack of confidence being shown in the local track and trace system to help control a coronavirus outbreak.

Covid: Nottingham Teenager Fined £10,000 for Hosting House Party

On Saturday 12 September 2020, Jon Sharman writing in the Independent reported that Nottinghamshire Police had fined a 19 year-old man £10,000 for hosting a 50-guest house party on Friday night, 10 September 2020. Local council officers responded to reports of the party, but Nottinghamshire Police then had to send its own officers because of the hostile behaviour of the party's organiser/

Universities Ask Students to Sign Covid Pledges as Residents' Groups Fear New Infection Wave

Anna Fazackerley, writing in The Guardian on Friday 11 September 2020 reported that as thousands of students start to arrive at UK universities Vice-Chancellors admit to facing the challenge of how to persuade young people not to party and stick to the rules.

Police Warn Not to Treat Week-end Before the 'Rule of Six' as a Party

The BBC News (Saturday 12 September 2020) has reported that the Price Federation is warning people not to 'take advantage of the current situation' and treat this week-end as a 'party' before Monday's new 'Rule of Six' restrictions come into force.

Coronavirus: Country At "Critical Moment" As Students Return to Universities

On Saturday 5 September 2020, following on from a paper published by the government's advisory group, SAGE, in which it was stated there is a 'significant risk' that higher education 'could amplify local and national transmission, BBC News reported the warning from Dame Anne Johnson, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at University College London, that as student prepare to return to universities the country is at a 'critical moment' in the coronavirus epidemic.

Government Scientists Warn of Spread of Covid-19 - Like 'Freshers Flu'

Talia Shadwell (Mirror, Friday 4 September 2020) writing under the headline "UK Universities may have 'National Lockdown' to Stop Students Infecting Families' reported that the government's SAGE advisory group is warning significant outbreaks of Covid-19 are likely when universities begin their autumn terms at the end of September.

Leeds 'Coviots' Fined £10,000 Each for Week-End House Parties

David Himelfield, writing in the Leeds News on Sunday 30 August 2020 reported that eight organisers of illegal week-end parties had been fined £10,000 each when police broke up parties in the Headlingley and Burley areas of Leeds over the Bank Holiday week-end.



As the New Academic Year is About to Start Nottingham's Universities & Police Outline Measures to Support New Coronavirus Regulations

Writing in the Nottingham Post, on Monday 14 September 2020 Community Reporter Gurjeet Nanrah posted a report outlining what Nottingham's universities and Nottinghamshire Police are putting in place to stop students from flouting the new coronavirus regulations.

Covid-19: Nottingham University Student Fined £10,000 Failed to Shut Down Party When Asked To Do So

James Robinson and Raven Saunt ( Sunday 13 September) writing for the Mail Online, have revealed the name of the Nottingham University student fined £10,000 by Nottinghamshire Police when he failed to shut down a party with 50 guests.

Covid: Nottingham Teenager Fined £10,000 for Hosting House Party

On Saturday 12 September 2020, Jon Sharman writing in the Independent reported that Nottinghamshire Police had fined a 19 year-old man £10,000 for hosting a 50-guest house party on Friday night, 10 September 2020. Local council officers responded to reports of the party, but Nottinghamshire Police then had to send its own officers because of the hostile behaviour of the party's organiser/

Reckless Resident Faces £10,000 Fine for Hosting Large House Party

Nottinghamshire Police (Saturday 12 September 2020) have released information about a house party in Lenton where a 19-year-old man has been fined £10,000 for allowing more than 50 people to attend a party at his home in Lenton on Friday evening (11 September).



Party 'Got Out of Hand' Says Student After Police Fine the Organiser £10,000

On 12 September 2020, Matt Jarram, Nottingham Post Senior Digital Reporter and Crime Correspondent reported on a student house party in Lenton, Nottingham on Friday 11 September 2020 where around 50 people turned up and where, despite warnings, the students continued to party until Nottinghamshire Police intervened and fined the party organiser £10,000. Speaking to the Post one of them said that 'It was meant to be a small gathering with mates and it got out of hand.'

Reckless Resident Faces £10,000 Fine for Hosting Large House Party

Nottinghamshire Police (Saturday 12 September 2020) have released information about a house party in Lenton where a 19-year-old man has been fined £10,000 for allowing more than 50 people to attend a party at his home in Lenton on Friday evening (11 September).

Coronavirus: Nottingham City Council Community Protection Uniformed Services Response to Revised Lockdown Regulations

Today, Wednesday 9 September 2020, Tom Lynk, Senior Community Protection Officer (Community Protection Central West) circulated the Nottingham City Council Community Protection response for the next few days to the revised lockdown regulations due to come into force on Monday 14 September 2020



Athens: The Acropolis
22 September

The hill the Acropolis stands on rises about 490 ft above the city of  Athens. It is likely that it was inhabited from as far back as the fourth millennium BC. The iconic building on the Acropolis is the Parthenon. Built during the period from 447 BC to 438 BC it replaced an older temple of Athena which had been destroyed in the Persian invasion of 480 BC.

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0115 915 5555: (Nottingham City Council number for vulnerable and isolating people who need assistance with groceries, medicine, etc. Calls answered Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.)




Coronavirus update: Apply, SHARE, support; Money help and advice

You can contact the NAG by phone and/or E-mail:

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