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The Liburnija: photograph courtesy of & ©Andreas Rose, www.marinetraffic.com


This issue of the magazine is dedicated to the Liburnija and her officers and crew,
past and present, wherever she and they may be:


 – Sretan put i mirno more –


 Also the helmsman who keeps my ship on course, and the
‘good companions’ I’ve met along the way


 This voyage of the Liburnija is for all of you




 The Committee of the Nottingham Action Group on HMOs would like to thank:

Nottingham City Council for funding support;

 Everyone who has contributed photographs, stories, ideas and articles;

 Everyone whose work we have reproduced.

 Also the staff at Instaprint (18a-20 Heathcoat Street, Lace Market, Nottingham NG1 3AA) for their advice and help; for their efficiency in getting all our printing work done, often at very short notice; and especially for always being nice, friendly people.



By and large, this issue of the magazine is a narrative. That the chapters of the story just happen to have fitted in well with the highlights of a voyage I made in 1970 on a ship called the 'Liburnija' – very much in my thoughts as I began to put together the issue – was fortuitous as it solved the difficulty I had in how to carry the story on its long and tangled journey from its beginning in January 2010  through to March 2012.

Changes have been made from the layout and content of the printed magazine. A number of the photographs, a map, the notes about places visited (which had prefaced each section or chapter), and a good deal of formatting have been re-arranged or removed altogether.

However – and this is pure indulgence on my part – I have retained my recollections of and reflections on the Liburnija’s voyage, though they have been taken from their original places as footnotes to chapters, and now form Part III: in effect the very last chapter of the document. As it is contextually quite irrelevant, you may well decide to miss it off your reading list!



Part I: Controlling HMOs

Part II: Nottingham & Neighbourhood

Part III: The Voyage of the Liburnija




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