Asking students to cough up a few quid to help support the community they live in seems like a sensible idea.

It’s a familiar complaint in some areas of the city that students live in communities but are not part of them.

The Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum could change that.

It is asking students to contribute £3 a year to a Lenton trust fund, which would carry out local projects.

It is an innovative way of encouraging students to take a meaningful stake in the place where they live during term time.

That the fund is asking for voluntary contributions avoids the accusation that students are being taxed for living in a certain area.

For around the price of a pint, students are being asked to play a part in efforts to help the local community that have been hampered by the grant fund tap drying up.

It also gives students a voice, the £3 earning them the right to have a say in what the money is spent on. They may have their own ideas on that.

To some people, students are a breed who bring problems but leave little behind. The Lenton trust fund could be a positive solution to that problem.

[Comment, Nottingham Post, Friday, 5 October 2012]