Editor's Comment: Is this a triumph of hope over expectation? 

On 30 October 2020, under the headline '9pm alcohol sales ban will help stop house parties, says police chief', Matt Jarram, Senior Digital Reporter and Crime Correspondent of the Nottingham Post reported that Nottinghamshire's Chief Constable believes the ban on alcohol sales after 9.00 pm will stop 'impromptu' house parties. ...

'9.00 pm Alcohol Sales Ban Will Help Stop House Parties, Says Police Chief'

The head of Nottinghamshire Police believes that a 9pm alcohol sales ban will stop 'impromptu' house parties that many of his officers are being forced to attend.

Concerns were raised by the force that officers were being deployed away from fighting crime, and putting criminals behind bars, to attend these large gatherings.

Despite a number of £10,000 fines handed to students who had more than 30 people around their home, late night parties have continued to happen across Nottingham.

Now, from 00:01am on Friday, October 30, no shops will be able to serve alcohol after 9pm across Nottinghamshire as part of the county's new Tier 3 restrictions.

This comes as Covid hospital admissions in Nottingham rise to the highest they have been since the peak in April.

Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, Craig Guildford, believes the 9pm ban will go some way to stop the late night party as many of the incidents reported have been organised on a whim.

"This weekend is Halloween, there will be more resources on, and you may see more house parties for young people but hopefully the message is clear - parties are not allowed in Tier 3."

He said as part of Tier 3 policing, up to 100 extra officers will be working on the ground to ensure that the new rules are not broken.

It will be twofold; they will be responding to any reports of house parties and gatherings and will not be afraid to hand out fines, which includes £10,000 for those who flout the rules.

They will also be visiting licensed premises such as supermarkets and off licences to ensure that alcohol is not being served after 9pm.

Anyone caught to do so could have their licence reviewed, which could include taking it away.

He said officers will be working with the councils' licensing department.

"I am sure they will comply and understand the seriousness behind it but we will take enforcement against any of those who don't comply.

"If licence holders are not being responsible then the council can take their licence away.

"I think everyone understands that the patience of the public is wearing think with people who are breaking the rules and admissions in hospitals is going up.

"People in hospital with Covid at the peak was 296 in April, as of today it is 361.

"We are now less education and more enforcement."

9pm alcohol sales ban will help stop house parties, says Nottinghamshire police chief - Nottinghamshire Live