Nottingham has had an Additional Licensing Scheme for HMOs since 2014. The present scheme is due to close on 31 December 2018. Following a public consultation, the City Council's Executive Board has approved a new Additional Licensing Scheme for HMOs to run for a five-year period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2023 in a designated area.

The designated area covers the following wards: Arboretum and Radford & Park, and parts of the following wards: Berridge, Bridge, Dales, Dunkirk & Lenton, Mapperley, Sherwood, St. Anns, Wollaton East & Lenton Abbey. The map of the designated area can be downloaded from the Nottingham City Council website and searching for 'Additional Licensing for HMOs'.

The new fee structure for Additional and Mandatory Licensing was also approved on 18 September 2018. It came into effect immediately afterwards and applies to all HMO licence applications made on or after 19 September 2018. Information about the fees, as well as other matters relating to HMO licensing, e.g. the HMO Register, amenity standards, can also be downloaded from the Council's website by searching for 'Additional Licensing for HMOs' and following the links therein.