Gurjeet Nanrah, Nottingham Post Life Writer, reported on Monday 15 February that Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University have confirmed that, as a result of the present lockdown, students who are not studying courses that have already resumed on campus will not return to face-to-face teaching until at least 8 March 2021.

Nottingham universities confirm return date for most students has been delayed

A new date in March 2021 has been proposed

The return of all remaining Nottingham students to campus has been delayed until at least March due to ongoing lockdown restrictions.

In initial announcements last month all students at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham were expected to return to face-to-face teaching by "mid-February."

However, as the UK is still currently under lockdown restrictions, students who are not studying courses that have already resumed on campus will now continue to solely learn online until "at least March 8".

The Government has also said students will still receive maintenance loans as usual for this term to cover accommodation costs.

A University of Nottingham spokesperson said: "The University will, as we have throughout the pandemic, continue to follow government guidelines on managing the return of students for in-person teaching.

"We continue to offer blended digital and in-person teaching for students who have been permitted to return so far, supported by our own Covid-19 campus testing service which confirms that active cases among our student population remain extremely low."

Further updates on whether students will actually be able to return for March 8 are expected later this month.

Courses that have already begun under a blended-approach of learning online and on-campus teaching are medicine, health and social care including nursing and midwifery, physiotherapy, veterinary Science, and education including initial teacher training.

A Nottingham Trent University (NTU) spokesperson said: “At NTU we continue to consider a variety of scenarios to put us in a strong position to act quickly once Government advice and guidance is updated, which we expect will be later this month.

"Whether on campus or working remotely, our students remain supported in terms of their teaching, learning and wellbeing.

"We will be communicating with students and colleagues once restrictions are reviewed.” 

A statement on the Government website from earlier this month reads: "All remaining courses should continue to be offered online as they have been from the beginning of term.

"Given the ongoing national restrictions, the return/arrival of all other students should be postponed until at least March 8.

"The Government will announce shortly whether any further students can return to face-to-face teaching from March 8 onwards.

"Providers should not offer in-person teaching before then, or later if further guidance to this effect is issued, and should encourage students to remain at their current accommodation until the resumption of their in-person teaching, wherever possible.

Nottingham universities confirm return date for most students has been delayed - Nottinghamshire Live


DarrenJS: A large portion of University Students have returned to their term time addresses already anyway. They may not be going on to campus but despite the restrictions on travel they seem to have decided to return regardless. Guidance suggests that only students on a certain limited selection of courses should've come back to Nottingham. However, a cursory glance around the streets of Lenton and Dunkirk will tell you that a large percentage (possibly even the majority) have already returned. 

It's a mystery why no action has been taken by the authorities, most of us cant visit our friends and relatives at all - even if they live in the house across the road. And yet multiple groups of 4-12 Students have been able to travel from one end of the country to the other, each from different families and areas, and move in with each other with no repercussions at all.

tmtmtmtmtm: What the hell are you talking about? So many of us have been told NOT to return to Nottingham because we are being taught virtually, meaning we have to pay for a house we have been told not to live in? Can the student bashing please stop?! We are just like you, and are caught in the middle of a row between University VCs and Central Government. It's not our fault we have been consistently lied to, not supported and given no voice by our University. FYI This new article hasn't even been communicated to students yet! I only noticed it because I have Google Alerts on for anything UoN related. Over a million students signed petitions again and again throughout this pandemic calling for University support FOR THE STUDENT, but not once has a no.10 conference or a University statement answered that. Over 1 million students signed the petitions! To give you perspective, that puts it as one of the largest petitions to ever be presented to Parliament IN HISTORY. So before you continue bashing students because you feel your one observation on a student-majority street in Dunkirk or Lenton (which you fully well know are student areas), maybe think about the fact that we are all dealing with challenges, issues and problems, but unlike A-Level/GCSE students, we have got nothing back and still pay £9.5k+.

LentonLife: Lenton and Dunkirk are not ‘student areas’ any more than they are ‘white areas’ or ‘Muslim areas’ or whatever divisive socio-economic group you want to insert in that sentence. They are mixed residential areas just like any other-yes lots of students live there, but so do a whole load of other people too. Many of whom are vulnerable to Covid and are terrified of the virus being spread to our community by students moving back from across the country. Yes I get you’re having a hard time. Guess what’s happening with everyone else?

GardenTiger: It seems to me this is a fine example of why LentonLife and others, who are overall very tolerant of students, begin to lose that tolerance. To label Lenton and Dunkirk, and the Arboretum, Beeston, Wollaton Park Estate, and any other areas where students put themselves, as 'student areas' shows a familiar blinkered and arrogant approach. These are not student areas, reserved for students and, just as LentonLife comments, it is divisive and as unacceptable to call them 'student areas' as it is to label any other areas of Nottingham or any other city, town or village for that matter as being purely the preserve of a specific racial, social, economic group. Equally, the observation about a large number of students returning, well above those exempt from lockdown requirements, is not alone. The same observations have been made by other people living in Nottingham's 'student areas' as well as people living in the same areas in other towns and cities across this country. That is not to say that students have not been at best misled by universities and government, and that they have a case that needs to be answered. But that does not give them freedom to move around the country as they want. Does it not matter that the coronavirus transmits easily, especially the new variants, and that it can be deadly, and that the last thing that anyone wants added to the stresses were are all experiencing is the thought that another migration of students from one end of the country to another is going to raise transmission levels, increase hospital admissions, increase deaths, and keep us all in a cycle of lockdown?