Nottingham Trent University has re-designed its Student Code of Behaviour to make it more accessible to students.

The Student Code of Behaviour misconduct table, which can be downloaded by following the link at the end of this article, was presented at a 'Community Trigger' meeting on Tuesday 18 July 2017. The full 21-page Student Code of Behaviour document is available to all students on-line, and all students are required to sign it on enrolment at the start of each academic year, confirming that they have read/understood/will adhere to it.

The new table guide for students inks in with the Student Charter and will be displayed in all Student Halls of Residence, and has been embedded into the student 'Induction' and 'Outduction' educational programmes sent to all students.

The Outduction programme ( has been sent out to all students leaving halls and moving into the community. Further messages and new 'decks' will be created ready to be sent out in another link to students in September.