On Saturday 20 March 2021, Nottinghamshire Police has posted on its website and on Facebook that, after having received numerous calls on Friday evening from residents concerned about people holding large gatherings and breaking lockdown regulations, the force has issued a dispersal order, lasting 48 hours, in Lenton, the Arboretum and city centre areas from 18.00 hours. ...


A dispersal order has been put in place after dozens of fines were issued in parts of Nottingham last night along with multiple reports of antisocial behaviour.

The force received numerous calls between 6pm and 4am on Friday evening from residents concerned that people were breaking pandemic lockdown regulations by having large gatherings.

During one of the incidents officers came across people having a party in a house in the Bluecoat Close area of Nottingham, after receiving a report of loud music and noise coming from the address.

Police were also called out to a number of other incidents throughout the night, resulting in a total of 59 fines being issued across the city area.

The force also reported an increase in antisocial behaviour incidents.

Now a dispersal order has been put in place in the Lenton, Arboretum and city centre areas from 6pm tonight.

The order, which has been issued under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, will last for 48 hours. It gives officers and PCSOs the power to direct people to leave an area if they are being disruptive. Those who continue to flout the rules or cause disruption will be arrested.

There will also be an increased police presence and operational patrols across all hot spot areas.

Neighbourhood Inspector Amy English, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: "People need to accept that we're still in a very serious national lockdown and the regulations, put in place to protect others and bring the pandemic under control, need to be respected.

"We have always said we would prefer to engage and encourage people to follow the regulations, but we can only do this for so long before enforcement needs to be taken. We now have no choice but to meet last night's unrest with a full-force response and we will be taking a tough approach to anyone found breaking the rules.

"This is a difficult time for everyone and the majority of people are understanding of the situation. This can be seen through the number of calls we get from neighbours and passers-by when they believe someone is having a party.

"But there are still a small number of people intent on going against all of the national restrictions. They're the people responsible for spreading the virus which will only prolong the lockdown and cause further misery for others."

The current lockdown rules mean that people cannot mix with anyone indoors from outside their household. People can also only meet one other person outdoors and social distancing must be maintained.

Nottinghamshire Police continues to welcome information from members of the public if they suspect someone may be breaking the rules.

People can report information to 101 or alternatively they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Anyone wanting more information about the lockdown regulations can click here.