A Nottingham landlord has been fined more than £12,000 for leaving a city property in a dangerous condition.

Company director Sam Goldman, of Goldman Estates (UK) Ltd, Lenton Boulevard, was taken to court by Nottingham City Council’s Housing Licensing and Compliance Team for failing to licence the Mansfield Road home, and for multiple breaches under Management Regulations. He was fined £12,620.

The team discovered significant breaches of Management Regulations including failing to ensure that fire safety provisions in the property were sufficient.  The fire panel was found to be defective and poorly-maintained, while the call points were in disrepair and there was damage to bedroom fire doors. The stairs were found in very poor condition and poorly-lit, while there were also large accumulations of waste and builders materials throughout. 

Mr Goldman, aged 49, pleaded guilty to all eight of the offences at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Friday, including:

  • Section 61(1) and 72(2) of the Housing Act 2004
  • Regulations 4 (1) (b), 4 (2), 5 (1), 7 (1) (a) & (b), 7 (2) (d), 7 (2) (e), 7 (2) (f)   of the management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006 –
    • Damaged fire doors
    • Damaged fire alarm system
    • Blocked drainage gulley in the rear yard
    • Poor decorative repairs, dirty carpets and flooring
    • Extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms not working
    • Lighting system in the common areas not working
    • Damage to the bathroom.

This property was brought to the attention of the team after local police officers visited the address and had concerns for the tenants’ safety.

Councillor Nicola Heaton, Portfolio Holder for Community Services at Nottingham City Council, said: “The conditions found by our officers at this property were extremely worrying, with multiple breaches of fire safety regulations which could have had serious consequences.

“This prosecution is another success for our Rogue Landlord campaign and sends out a strong message that we will not allow tenants’ lives to be put at risk by people who prioritise rental income over safety.

“It is possible that without the Rogue Landlord Campaign that this property would have gone below the radar with the possibility of tragic circumstances.”

Since January 2015, a total of 858 requests for service have been received by Community Protection’s Safer Housing Team specifically in relation to housing disrepair. Some homes were of a good standard but others were found to be damp, overcrowded, have rats, dangerous electrics and unsanitary conditions. Many were family homes with children living in them and some vulnerable adults.

The Safer Housing Team works with landlords and tenants to secure improvements, taking enforcement action where appropriate. Since January, emergency works have been completed in 19 properties and 27 deemed too dangerous have had to be closed.


Anyone who wishes to report a rogue landlord should contact the call centre on 0115 915 2020, email or @nottmrenters and For information on accreditation and how to find a good private rented home through the Nottingham Standard visit our website at 

[Nottingham City Council Press Release, 29 October 2015]