On the 24 February 2013, the BBC's Nottingham News website reported that Nottingham City Council is set to increase the cost of an HMO licence fee from £640 to £980.

East Midlands Property Owners (EMPO) claims that the move is unfair and unjustified.

Giles Inman of EMPO is quoted as having said: "Our landlord membership are not very happy with this as it represents over a 50% increase in licensing fees.

"We can't really see any justification for such a huge increase, especially when you consider how the economy is right now."

However, Nottingham City Council points out that there has not been a rise in the HMO licensing fee for five years.

Councillor David Liversidge has insisted that the rise is justified, and is quoted by the BBC as having said: "It might seem a big rise but it is the first time we have done it for about five years.

"The reality is that this money is used to make sure the private rented sector is a sector that people want to live in, so we need to police it to make sure we get good quality private rented sector properties."

The licence fee comes into operation on Monday, 25 March 2013, and licences are valid for five years.

At the moment, owners of HMOs need to obtain a licence if their HMOs are three or more storeys and have five or more tenants. However, the council is seeking views on a proposal to extend licensing to all HMOs in certain parts of the city - the Nottingham City Council consultation on additional licensing which is covered elsewhere on this website