A rogue landlord has been landed with a £16,000 legal bill for putting tenants lives at risk. ...

A rogue landlord who put his tenants at risk has been told by magistrate to sell property he owns in London to pay his £16,000 legal bill.

Live exposed wires sticking out of walls and no working fire alarm were some of the hazards dealt with by Community Protection’s Housing team to ensure the tenants of Mr Nadeem Hussain were safe. Mr Hussain of Struan Road, Sheffield, was fined £16,237 including costs for not ensuring the tenants’ safety and effectively maintaining three houses. 

Mr Hussain – who was prosecuted in 2011 and 2012 for failing to licence properties - pleaded guilty at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Wednesday 11 November to five offences which breached the Housing Act 2004 and management regulations; including failing to ensure that the fire detection and alarm systems were working. 

In summing up, Magistrates told Mr Hussain: “We view this matter very, very seriously and you actually put lives at risk.” Magistrates asked Mr Hussain what he had done with the rental income over the past three years. They went on to advise Mr Hussain that if he could not pay the fine he should sell his house in London.

Officers obtained warrants to enter two properties in Foxhall Road, Sherwood Rise and one in Elm Avenue, St Ann’s. All three properties were multiply occupied and officers found defective fire detection systems, with one whole system not working. They also found defective electrical installations, including live wires sticking out from the bedroom walls and a defective cooker with live exposed wires. Water was also found leaking down the walls from a defective roof onto a light switch which led to the City Council carrying out emergency remedial work to make the houses safe.

Following the council’s intervention, the landlord has now put the properties up for sale and reduced the number of tenants.

Councillor Nicola Heaton, Portfolio Holder for Community Services at Nottingham City Council, said: “The conditions found by our officers at this property were extremely worrying, with multiple breaches of fire safety regulations which could have had serious consequences.

“This prosecution is another success for our Rogue Landlord campaign and sends out a strong message that we will not allow tenants’ lives to be put at risk by people who prioritise financial gain over safety.”

[Nottingham City Council Press Release
12 November 2015]

The Council ask for help in tackling Rogue Landlords to ensure that this type of dangerous property is not allowed to operate under the radar with the possibility of tragic circumstances.

They urge all citizens, who wish to report a rogue landlord to:

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