Preferred Option Stage
7 October to 2 December 2013 

Following approval on 17 September 2013 by Nottingham City Council's Executive Board of a report on the Preferred Option stage of the LAPP DPD (LAPPExecFinal.pdf), the Council is now undertaking a consultation on it which runs from 7 October to 2 December 2013.

Following consultation, the LAPP will be published for formal consultation in Autumn 2014 prior to submission to the Secretary of State for Examination.

Information about the Local Plan and particularly about the LAPP Preferred Option consultation can be found by following the links at:

The NAG submission to the Issues & Options stage of the LAPP in 2011 is at: 18 November 2011: Submission to the Nottingham City Council Land & Planning Policies (LAPP) Consultation.

Also, half of of the October 2013 U-NAG (Unipol-NAG) meeting (Wednesday, 23 October, 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm in the Function Room of the Rose & Crown, Derby Road, Lenton) will form part of the consultation process. Council Planning Strategy officers will discuss aspects of the LAPP Preferred Option and will seek the ideas and opinions of attendees at the meeting.