The Nottingham Post (Saturday, 17 August 2013) reported that:

Police have moved people out of a shared house after it was found to be too dangerous.

Community Protection’s Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) team were called to the house in New Basford after a fire broke out.

Notts Fire and Rescue Service had a number of concerns, including

  •   No working fire alarm
  •   Missing fire doors
  •   Combustible material left in the fire escape
  •   Very steep staircase with no handrails.


David Hobbs, part of the HMO team, said”

“These were really serious hazards. So serious in fact that the property was deemed to be an imminent danger and an Emergency Prohibition Order (EPO) was made.”

An EPO is granted under the Housing Act 2004 and closes a property making it illegal for anyone to live in it.

The tenants, a mixture of young people, some classed as vulnerable, were immediately re-housed in temporary accommodation.

Councillor San Webster, executive assistant for public protection, said: “This is part of the daily work we do to protect tenants and residents.

“Landlords must take their responsibilities to their tenants seriously.

“Environmental health officers are currently still investigating this property and there will be a further inspection to ensure the property can be re-occupied safely.”

If you are worried about a property, call 0115 876 1166.


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