The excavation work undertaken as part of the new NET2 tram line to Beeston and Chilwell has given Trent & Peak Archaeology the opportunity to examine a sequence of activity on the site of the former Lenton Priory from the late 11th Century through to the 17th Century. Among the important finds are 11th Century boundary ditches containing preserved leather artefacts. The 14th to 16th Century site of the Lenton Priory market, or fair, is also rich in artefacts.

Re-routing of cables has also allowed archaeologists to look at the cloister and transept of the priory church which had previously been thought to have been destroyed.

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The Lenton Martinmas Fair on 15 November 2014 marks the beginning of the Lenton Priory project (which has secured £65,000 of funding, including a £52,500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund). The project will offer members of the local community an opportunity to become involved, first-hand, working alongside archaeologists in excavation of the site of the medieval Clunaic priory, as well as giving local children learning opportunities. The finds uncovered by the excavations will be used to create interpretation boards of the site (now home to the Priory Church of St. Anthony).

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