On Friday 4 June 2021 Matt Jarram, Senior Digital Reporter and Crime Correspondent of the Nottingham Post, reported on a raid by Nottinghamshire Police on an HMO in Johnson Road Lenton which uncovered a large-scale operation to produce cannabis-chocolate bars.

Police foil cannabis Dairy Milk factory at student home

They had allegedly been mixing Cadbury's Dairy Milk with cannabis butter to make their own brand

Nottingham Trent students were allegedly making hundreds of cannabis chocolate bars from their university digs. 

Police raided the property in Johnson Road in Lenton on Friday, June 4, to uncover what is believed to be a major 'production line.'

Officers at the scene said the entire house was being used to run the operation, with nearly 600 bars of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate found at the property.

The chocolate was being cooked with cannabis butter, which was found hidden in the cellar, and then transformed into their own brand of chocolate bar. 

Police also uncovered evidence of their own branding and packaging, including stickers placed on the finished product promoting their alleged business called Flava Boy. 

Officers said the 'significant amount' of cannabis butter found at the house would have been used to make hundreds of bars.

Police said this type of activity was starting to become more common in order to disguise the pungent smell of the drug.

Officers are also aware of incidents in Nottingham where drug dealers are injecting cannabis oils into sweets such as gummy bears.

Sergeant Mark Southgate, who leads the Radford Operation Reacher team, told Nottinghamshire Live: "It appears they are making what is commonly known as cannabis edibles. They are using Cadbury's Dairy Milk. 

"We have found 33 made up chocolate bars and 27 boxes of Cadbury's chocolate. 

"They have therefore got the capacity to make up to 600 cannabis chocolate bars. 

"They have got a production line. They are cooking it up in the kitchen, making the bars up in the bedrooms and storing the products around the house."

Police confirmed the house was occupied by Nottingham Trent University students. Nottinghamshire Live has contacted the university for a comment.

Neighbours claimed the property was occupied by students in their third year of studies, but they had rarely seen them leave the house. 

Just before 9am, on Friday, June 4, two police vans, two police cars and the dog unit descended onto Johnson Road.

Officers smashed down the front door of the terraced six-bedroom house with a battering ram before detaining a number of people inside one of the bedrooms while the house was searched. 

Sergeant Southgate said there was a lot of intelligence from the community that the heavily-populated student area was facing a number of issues. 

Issues include the sale of drugs such as MDMA, cannabis, ketamine, cocaine and magic mushrooms. 

One property in Lenton was highlighted and police decided to execute a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act. 

Police did not only stumble across the cannabis chocolate bar operation, but also uncovered a significant amount of cocaine and four boxes of illegal high nitrous oxide inside the house. 

Police also seized around £5,000 in cash, as well as laptops and phones. 

One suspect complained to police that the seized laptop contained his coursework as he was escorted out of the address in handcuffs. 

In total, three males, aged 20, and one female, aged 20, were arrested in being concerned in the supply of Class A and Class B drugs. 

Neighbours described how there was a lot of 'comings and goings' from the property and there was always a strong smell of cannabis.

This is the second drugs warrant to be issued in the area over the last week. 

Police also descended on Kimbolton Avenue on Thursday, May 27, to close down a drug dealing operation. 

Occupants tried to flee from police when they smashed down the door, with some attempting to hide in the cellar. 

A quantity of crack and heroin was recovered. 

Police said students were not living in this property. One male is under investigation. 

No arrests have yet been made. 

PC Darren Barker, part of the Radford Road Operation Reacher Team, described some of the problems facing the Lenton community. 

"Cannabis has become massive," he said. "I have been a police officer for 15 years and it has never been as big as it is now. 

"It used to be a cheap drug but it is expensive now and the dealers are making a lot of good money off it.

"Cocaine is always there but I have not known cannabis to be as big as it has been. Every week we are doing something cannabis related, whether it is grows or seizures. 

"Cannabis sweets is a big thing at the moment. It is common. It is a way of disguising it if it's in your possession and it does not smell."

Talking about the Johnson Road raid, Sergeant Southgate added: "This is a cracking result. We are getting this information from the community and they are telling us and we are reacting to it. If you come to Nottingham to deal drugs we will get you."

No one from Cadbury's was available for comment when we put the details of the operation to them.

Police foil cannabis Dairy Milk factory at student home - Nottinghamshire Live