As reported in the Nottingham Post by Joshua Hartley on Thursday 24 February 2022, a planning application has been submitted by the Cassidy Group for permission to demolish the buildings on 2A Triumph Road (located between the Toyota cvar dealership and Co-op Funeral Directors, and opposite student accommodation under construction on Triumph behind Fanum House) in order to build a six-storey block providing accommodation for 169 students.

The full application (22/00001/PFUL3) can be viewed on Nottingham City Council's website by following this link:

22/00001/PFUL3 | Demolition of the existing structures and the construction of new purpose-built student accommodation, associated ground floor indoor/external amenity areas, access, landscaping, car parking and associated infrastructure. | 2A Triumph Road Nottingham NG7 2GA

E-mail comments on the application can be sent to:, and should aim to be submitted by Thursfay 10 March 2022. You may also consider sending a copy of your comments to the councillors for Lenton & Wollaton East Ward: Cllrs Sally Longford, Pavlos Kotsonis and Dave Trimble.

Also, you may find it useful to consider applications already approved for purpose built student accommodation on Radmarsh Road (where there is already PBSA), and on Derby Road and Triumph Road. The latter sites have been cleared and construction work is proceeding.

Business forced to move amid plans to demolish building for student flats

It would have 169 bedrooms when completed

A business owner has been left with 'no choice' but to move as plans were put forward to demolish his building for student flats.

Three buildings in Triumph Road, Lenton will be knocked down and replaced with a six-storey student block that would have a total of 169 bedrooms, if the proposal gets the go ahead.

The site, which is near to the southern end of the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus, is currently occupied by the Speedoo car dealership, the at1 Space cafe and FBN Taxi Rental/HS Motors.

Fabiana Mir, 40, who is the owner of FBN Taxi Rental and HS Motors, which operates out of its garage at the back of site, said the plan left them with "no choice" but to move.

"We are going to have to move - we have no choice.

"Leaving was not in our plans, we had a few more years on our lease and our customers know that we are here in this location, which is good for business.

"We have been looking for other places in Lenton since we found out late last year, but we have found rather so far - either the rent is too high or we cannot get permission.

"Everywhere you go is becoming student accommodation, I do not know how more keep coming and where they're coming from."

However, Ms Mir added that she did have hope for the business, despite the task of finding a new site proving to be difficult. "We have outgrown this garage, and our plan was to build up here and start doing MOTs," she said.

"We will still do that but not here, our landlord has been very good and is trying to help us find another place, but it is difficult. "Hopefully we will be able to find somewhere soon."

The student complex would have 25 cluster flats and 34 studios as well as associated student amenity facilities and car and cycle parking. The reaction to the newly planned tower block was mixed.

University of Nottingham history students Chris Curran, 23, and Will Haines, 21, from Lenton, thought there was no problem with the plans. "It is a good location for it really, it will be great for students getting to campus and is near the pub, too," Mr Curran said.

"I think students get a bad reputation and get blamed for a lot.

"I don't think that it is a bad thing to have more flats, there are loads of students here already."

Mr Haines added: "I'm not too bothered, there's already a lot of students here so it won't make much difference."

A Lenton resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I just generally think that if a building is not that well used it is made into student accommodation.

"It is overkill in the sense that we have so much of it.

"It could be used alternatively as something that would help locals, have it used for community services.

"I welcome the students, I think they add to the city, but my friends say to me that every office building or pub here is knocked down for student flats."

Martine Hamilton-Knight, 53, an architectural photographer, said: "It is right on the doorstep [of the University of Nottingham] so it does not surprise me.

"Those buildings that are not of any architectural significance, the 30s buildings that were knocked down across the road were more of a loss.

"If more student accommodation brings family houses back into use then that's all well and good.

"Let's hope it is vibrant like the buildings the university have built around here."

The application, submitted by Cassidy (Triumph Road) Ltd, is currently pending consideration by Nottingham City Council. Nottinghamshire Live attempted to contact the other businesses on the premises for comment.

Business forced to move amid plans to demolish building for student flats - Nottinghamshire Live