Response to Revised Lockdown Regulations

Today, Wednesday 9 September 2020, Tom Lynk, Senior Community Protection Officer (Community Protection Central  West) circulated the following Community Protection response for the next few days to the revised lockdown regulations  due to come into force on Monday 14 September 2020:

As of Monday 14th September the Government has revised its lockdown regulations. This will see a maximum social gathering of 6 people allowed both indoors and outdoors in private homes. This will also be the case for Public Houses and restaurants. Gatherings of more than 6 people are allowed where households or support bubbles are larger than half a dozen people. The impending restrictions present the possibility of large gatherings across the city before the September 14th cut off. Particular concerns include noise nuisance, related ASB and COVID breaches. To this end Community Protection will be the primary agency responding to noise complaints utilising the CPNW process of enforcement. A robust plan is in place for us to deal with complaints of noise and ASB.

This change in regulations will affect all residents of Nottingham, but twinned with the impending arrival of the student population, fear and anxiety among certain areas of Nottingham are high. This academic year will be like no other with the COVID-19 back drop. Ultimately breaches of COVID regulations fall with Nottinghamshire Police, especially around gatherings inside and outside a property.  However, we will pass all information we have onto the Police and both Universities as they will deal with COVID breaches under their code of discipline. Communication is transparent and on-going between Community protection, both Universities and Nottinghamshire Police.   Nottinghamshire Police will be responsible for breaking up larger groups and will have the powers to issue £100 fines which could double on each repeat offence up to £3200. This is alongside the larger penalties that will still be in place for the larger gatherings and breaches.