City - Castle Boulevard - Abbey Street - Dunkirk - University Boulevard - Woodside Road

Nottingham City Council is investing in and working up plans to improve and expand the city's cycling facilities in order to provide a joined-up network of cycle corridors throughout the city.

A consultation on proposals for a two-way segregated route to run alongside the carriage way -  Western Cycle Corridor - has begun. For more information about the proposals follow the links in:


The route proposed for this cycle superhigh way is the city, Castle Boulevard, Abbey Street, Dunkirk, University Boulevard and Woodside Road, Lenton Abbey.

The proposals include:

  • New side road entry treatments to give priority to cyclists and pedestrians;
  • Redesigning the Abbey Street roundabout to a single gyratory;
  • Closure of the Grove Road/Castle Boulevard junction  to motor vehicles and a no-entry at Harley Sgtreeet from the Abbey Bridge roundabout;
  • Upgrading of most traffic signals located along the route
The route will maximise space for and give priority to cyclists and pedestrians. Two options are being drawn up: one with greater segregation and one with areas of shared space. Both are scheduled to be discussed with councillors and the community as part of the consultation process.

August & September 2015

Opportunities to take part in the consultation in Dunkirk & Lenton Ward are:

Lenton Centre Drop In Event: Friday, 28 August 2015, 8.00 am to 2.00 pm, The Lenton Centre, Willoughby Street, Lenton 

Mobile Travel Centre Event: Wednesday, 2 September 2015, 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm, Park Road, Lenton

Dunkirk Community Meeting: Wednesday 9 September 2015, 6.00 pm onwards, Dunkirk Community Centre, Dunkirk