Nottingham City Council has received a planning application for permission to demolish the existing Arc Car Wash on Castle Boulevard, which has recently closed, and replace it with a drive-through restaurant (probably a Burger King). The proposal is causing close neighbours and other residents of Lenton to question whether this is an appropriate use of  a site which would be ideal for residential use.

One suggestion already voiced is that the site could be used to build community-based 'build your own houses' which would contribute to Nottingham's need for new homes, rather than yet another fast food outlet of which there are more than enough in the locality.

The application (No: 15/01485/PFUL3) can be viewed on the Planning Applications section of Nottingham City Council's website:

If you wish to comment on the application, you are advised to do so before 9 July 2015

In an article published in the Nottingham Post on Saturday 20 June 2015, entitled 'Derelict Car Wash in Lenton Could Be Converted Into Burger King', Alex Britton has written:

A derelict car wash could be converted into a Burger King restaurant and drive-through in Lenton.

The former Arc car wash closed in recent weeks and plans have now been submitted to bring the burger chain to the Castle Boulevard site.

But reception to the fast-food chain heading to the area has been mixed.

Students who live close to the proposed site and spoke to the Post have welcomed the plans, but other residents have expressed concerns.

Daniel Harrington, 22, of dunkirk, said he thought the new restaurant would be popular.

He said: "It's not the first place I'd go, but you can see why they would want to move to the Dunkirk and Lenton area – it's filled with students who will be heading there.

"There aren't that many good places for a burger in the area. There's lots of small takeaways on Lenton Boulevard, but sometimes you just want something like a burger and chips.

"It makes sense to do something with the area now anyway because the car wash has gone. It would just look a bit sad without it."

The plans have been submitted to Nottingham City Council by developers Dovetail Architects Ltd and the planning department at the council will now look at them.

Paperwork submitted to the authority said the new fast food outlet was "likely to be Burger King".

Some have questioned the need for a new fast food restaurant so close to a McDonalds at the Castle Marina Retail Park.

The journey between the two locations is just under half a mile and would take two minutes to drive or ten minutes to walk.

One resident, who lives in the Graystacks building just opposite the site, said: "I'm not so sure this is a good thing.

"It's really close to the McDonald's by Sainsbury's, is there really a need for it?

"Also, I think people here will be a bit worried about things like litter and noise.

"And the traffic might be a problem too.

"Castle Boulevard is pretty jammed throughout rush hour and into the evening. Surely having a drive through fast food place is just going to lead to more cars coming down here and adding to the problem?"

The plans will be discussed by Nottingham City Council before building work can begin.