Nottingham students warned over 'atrocious' parties ...

Hundreds of warnings over noisy student parties in Nottingham, some attended by up to 150 people, have been issued since the start of the academic year.

The city council said 300 warnings had already been given to students compared to 216 for the whole of last year.

Lenton resident, Steve Gauge, said the problem was getting worse and added noise levels were "atrocious".

Six university students were fined after a wall collapsed during an all-night party in the area.

Mr Gauge said: "It used to be only once or twice a week but now it we are getting it sometimes five nights a week.

"My good lady is a primary school teacher…and when you have been deprived of sleep for a whole week it is terrible."

In early October, a wall collapsed during a student party in Lenton and six students were fined by Nottingham Trent University.

A university spokesman said: "It was made clear to the students that their behaviour was unacceptable, and in particular had a significant impact on local residents."

Steve Stott, from Nottingham Community Protection, said: "Students are drinking more at home because it is cheaper than going to a bar and it can generate some noise and anti-social behaviour.

"There are large-scale parties at some houses made for four to six people that can have up to 150 (involved)."

He said if students consistently ignored warnings, they could be taken to court and evicted.

Kate Loewenthal, chair of the Lenton Drives and Neighbours Residents Association, said: "General disturbance is now accepted by many residents as 'just what we have to put up with'."

The University of Nottingham said all its students agreed to a code of conduct and would be disciplined if their behaviour "compromises the safety of others".

[BBC Nottingham, Wednesday 25 October 2017]