In October 2018, a planning application (18/01082/PFUL3) was submitted to Nottingham City Council seeking permission to refurbish the existing Grove Hotel building with ground floor retention of a pubic house, and conversion of the upper two floors and the existing loft space into student accommodation. In addition, the application included plans to erect new, purpose built student accommodation as an extension to the original building. In total the aim was to provide some 38 student bed spaces.

Ward councillors, local residents and the NAG submitted objections to these plans. Council officers recommended that the application should be approved. However, at a Planning Committee meeting where one of the Dunkirk & Lenton Ward councillors spoke strongly against the plans, the application was rejected. The applicant subsequently submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate Appeal Ref. No. APP/Q3060/W/19/3222709)

A Planning Inspector visited the site in May 2019, and subsequently dismissed the appeal.

In his appeal statement, the Inspector concluded that '... the proposal would harm the living conditions of residents of Grove Road and other residential streets in the vicinity due to increased levels of disturbance due to the addition of 38 students into the area. ...'. He also concluded that '... although the proposal would have beneficial aspects which are considered below, these must be balanced against the needs of occupiers of existing properties within the wider area including Grove Road. Although the site itself is in an area with less than 10% students, it is adjacent to an area with nearly 42%. The SPD identifies the issues often associated with this which include: higher levels of crime and anti-social behaviour; altered demographic profile impacting public and retail facilities and a skewed residency pattern throughout the year. The households in this area would be directly affected by this proposal. Additionally, I have concern that the proposed management arrangements could not control potential noise and disturbance so affecting the living conditions of neighbouring properties. ... On balance, I consider that the proposal would not accord with the SPD [Building Balanced communities Supplementary Planning Document]  and would have a significant adverse impact upon the housing balance within the area. The proposal therefore conflicts with Policies H6 (a, b and d) and ST1 of the Local Plan, Policy 8 of the ACS and Policy HO1 and HO6 of the emerging LAPP.'

The full text of the Inspector's decision can be downloaded here:


Also, the NAG's submission to the Planning Inspectorate, which includes as an appendix the comments made on the original application, can be downloaded here: 

2 May 2019: Submission to the Planning Inspectorate Regarding Appeal Grove Hotel, 273 Castle Boulevard Nottingham NG7 1HS