On Friday 29 November 2013 a meeting was held to establish how Lenton has changed, is changing and will change; to epxlore the potential of Lenton's housing to meet the challenge of changing demand; and to identify ways in which change can be managed to achieve an agreed vision for Lenton's future development.

The meeting was chaired by Lilian Greenwood, MP for the Nottingham South Constituency, and brought together 34 participants, some of whom had travelled some distance to come to Nottingham, to share a broad range of differing, but highly relevant, interests and experiences.

The 'Vision for Lenton' agreed by the meeting can be summarised in a single, over-arching statement:

An 'up and coming' area with a strong sense of identity. A destination that people want to visit and live in which provides excellent facilities for a diverse and energetic community.

The report accepts that ... 'With our without intervention areas change over a period of time, the changes being shaped by a range of social and economical factors which in turn, lead to shifts in the housing market.' Howevever, a conscious decision has been made in Lenton ... 'not to leave the market to its own devices, but to try and proactively bring about the change through housing that residents and stakeholders want to see.'

The report further states that ... 'The round table event should be seen as the beginning of this process. The challenge now is how to move forward to the next stage' by developing action plans for the projects which had been suggested by the round table's participants.

A panel, which will begin that process, has been appointed.

To read the full report visit:

Changing Lenton: Report on 'Lenton's Housing & a Vision for Lenton'