News from around and about in Nottingham's NAG neighbourhoods

Police Raid on HMO Property Uncovers Cannabis Chocolate Factory

On Friday 4 June 2021 Matt Jarram, Senior Digital Reporter and Crime Correspondent of the Nottingham Post, reported on a raid by Nottinghamshire Police on an HMO in Johnson Road Lenton which uncovered a large-scale operation to produce cannabis-chocolate bars.

Unwanted Visitors Could Spread Disease: Rats Leave Lenton Residents 'Scared' To Walk Around at Night:

On Thursday 27 May 2021, Nottingham Post Community Reporter, Olimpia Zagnat, reported that residents in Lenton had noticed an increase in the number of rats (the size of 'skinny pigs') in the area and had been left traumatised and scared to walk around at night.

Award-Winning Lenton Green Estate Praised by Residents

Writing in the Nottingham Post on Sunday 23 May 2021, Anna Whittaker reported that the award-winning Lenton Green Estate is a very popular place to live, with residents there praising the 'fantastic' Nottingham City Homes and Nottingham City Council redevelopment of what had been the site of the Lenton high rise flats.

Dog Walker In Lenton Recreation Ground Discovers Bread With 'Pins Embedded' In It

On Monday, 10 May 2021 Peter Hennessy reported in the Nottingham Post that, following the discovery of bread with pins embedded in it in Lenton Recreation Ground, dog owners are being warned to be careful when walking their dogs there.

'Managing the 'Rule of Six': Nottinghamshire Police Police & Crime Commissioner Admits 'We Can't Police This'

On Thursday 1 April 2021, Matt Jarram, Nottingham Post Digital Reporter and Crime Correspondent, wrote that, after the first week of lockdown restrictions easing, and problems with crowds flocking to Lenton Recreation Ground, The Arboretum and the Forest Recreation Ground, Nottinghamshire's Police & Crime Commissioner has raised doubts about whether the Police have the capacity to enforce the 'rule of six'.