News from around and about in Nottingham's NAG neighbourhoods

As New Academic Year Approaches for Lenton's 'Student Area': Universities Warning Students About Anti-Social Behaviour

Keimae Blake, writing in the Nottingham Post on Wednesday 15 September 2021, reported that Nottingham's universities are warning students about anti-social behaviour in preparation for the beginning of the new academic year and the return of students to so-called 'student areas' like Lenton.

Nottingham's Universities: No Compulsory Covid-19 Vaccination When Students Return

On Monday 30 August 2021, writing in the Nottingham Post, Gurjeet Nanrah and Lana Adkin reported that Covid-19 vaccination will not be compulsory for returning staff and students at Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University.

Plans Put Forward for Student Accommodation to Replace Radford Brewery

Writing on Thursday 26 August 2021, Jamie Barlow, Digital News Editor of the Nottingham Post, reported that plan have been put forward for student accommodation once demolition of the Nottingham Brewery building in St Peter's Street, Radford has taken place.

Arboretum Residents Plead 'No More' Student Flats

On Saturday 7 August 2021, Jamie Barlow, Digital News Correspondent for the Nottingham Post, reported that the proposal to build student flats on the site of the disused Tennyson Street Play Centre in the Arboretum has met with a 'No more, please' response from local people.

Students & Landlords Blamed for Another Season of Piles of Rubbish on Streets: Response From Universities 'Miserably' Inadequate

Writing in the Nottingham Post on Tuesday 3 August 2021, Joshua Hartley reported that residents are disgusted by the amount of waste left on streets by students, landlords and agents as students leave to return home, and which has to be removed by Nottingham City Council's already over-stretched and struggling teams.