An article in the Guardian (Monday, 18 March 2013) by Jonathan Wolff, Professor of Philosophy at University College London, and Dean of Arts & Humanities, looks into the potential impact of changing demographics on UK universities. Wolff concludes that:

'Although there is trouble ahead, some universities could do very well from these changes. Those that do best will be universities that welcome a diversity of UK applicants, offer a spread of vocational subjects, and cater to a large local population, especially in the south and east where the populations will rise fastest. In other words, many of the new universities are very well placed to meet the brave new world, if only they can hold out for the next few years. And as always, the most prestigious universities will continue to be able to fill their places, provided they put the effort in. But those universities in the middle might well find themselves squeezed. And to mix our lemon-flavoured political metaphors, squeezed until the pips squeak.'

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