APPG Private Rented Sector Inquiry

The All Party Parliamentary Group for the Private Rented sector is to hold an inquiry to make recommendations to the Government on how to inmprove access to rented houses for the under 35's.

The APPG's chairman, Oliver Colvile (MP for Plymouth Sutton and Davenport) is quoted as saying: “With over half of tenants under the age of 35 the issues of the supply and cost of private rented housing are increasingly important to young people.

“With some evidence that this group is finding it increasingly difficult to access rented homes the inquiry will provide an opportunity to test the evidence and what can be done to improve prospects for this age group seeking a place to live.

“I would encourage all those with an interest to have their say.”

As well as written submissions, the APPG will take oral evidence from experts on 17 June and 8 July.

Interested parties shuld send their submissions of no more than 1500 words by 9 June to

In summary, the inquiry will cover the following:

  • What trends are there in under 35s looking for a place to live?
  • What types of properties do under 35s look for and are there enough?
  • What has been the impact of the Shared Accommodation Rate on access to and the availability of shared homes to rent?
  • What impact have Article 4 Directions had on the supply of homes to rent for under 35's?
  • What has been the impact of applying Council Tax to bed-sits as separate dwellings?
  • What should be done to ensure supply meets the demands of under 35's seeking a house to rent?
Details outlining the background to the inquiry can be downloaded here: APPG_Policy_Note.docx.