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World Cup: Japanese Supporters Set an Example

Andreas Illmer (BBC News Wednesday 20 June 2018) reported that, after their opening World Cup game against Columbia (which they won), Japanese fans, who'd brought along large rubbish bags for the purpose, cleaned up their rows and seats in the stadium, leaving it as neat as they had found it. Is this a lesson to be learned with wider applications than a game of football?

Leicester Curb Letting Boards

in BBC News, Tuesday 12 June, Callum McKenzie reports that Leicester City Council has been granted powers to curb letting boards

Tuition Fee System 'Deeply Unfair'

Sean Coughlan, BBC News Education and Family Correspondent, writing on Monday 11 June, reported on the findings of a House of Lords committee revealing evidence that 'The tuition fee system for England's universities is ripping off students and giving taxpayers poor value for money.'

A Trade Union for Renters

On Sunday 3 June 2018, Dan Sabbagh writing for the Guardian under the headline 'Do you live in shoddy housing that costs a fortune? time to join the renters' union', reported that 'faced with soaring rents and mouldy rooms, Bristol's angry tenants have formed the Acorn renters' union - and their protests are spreading around the country.'

London: Unscrupulous Landlords & Agents "Have Nowhere to Hide"

All London boroughs have signed up to a rogue landlord checker which aims to "name and shame" the capital's unscrupulous landlords and agents.