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Bangor: Gwynedd Council Crackdown on Letting Boards

BBC News reported on Friday 19 October 2018 that a crackdown on letting signs in areas of Bangor had been agreed by Gwynedd Council and estate agents following complaints about streets permanently full of 'To Let' boards.

Bristol University Students' Noisy Parties to Face Fines

BBC News on line has reported (Thursday 18 October 2018) that Bristol University students who keep their neighbours awake with noise now face a £100 fine.

The New Planning Legislation That Came Into Effect on 6 April 2010

This establishes a definition within planning law of what an HMO (shared house) is and also requires that any proposed change of use from a family home (use class C3) to an HMO (use class C4) requires planning permission. The Coalition Government has announced its intention to amend this legislation so that the change from a family home to an HMO will not require planning permission unless the local authority sets up Article 4 Directions removing this permitted right.

Northampton University Decides to Fund Police Team

The BBC News on Friday 5 October 2018 reported that Northampton University will be funding Northamptonshire Police team over three academic years, at a cost of £774,027. 'The university decided to fund the team "rather than allow the taxpayer to bear the cost".'

'Town v Gown: Is the Student Boom Wrecking Communities?

As the new academic year is about to begin, and students are arriving in towns and cities across the country, Brian Oliver, writing in the Observer, Sunday 23 September 2018, explores the impact of the relentless expansion of universities on the fabric of local neighbourhoods