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University Degree Inflation Continues to Spiral

On 11 July 2019 the BBC News Family and education Correspondent, Sean Coughlan, reported on a warning by the Office of Students that almost three-quarters of increases in top grades are 'unexplained', echoing worries that grade inflation threatens to devalue university education.

Kensington London: Couple Lose Court Battle Over Noise Disturbance

on Tuesday 2 July 2019 Tristan Kirk, Courts Correspondent of the Evening Standard, reported on the outcome of a legal battle between neighbours. Last year a county court judge awarding £107,397 in damages ruled that the defendants should have fitted carpeting and soundproofing when they installed a wooden floor in their apartment in 2010.

'Save the Student' Website Survey Results: No Water & Rodents Among Student Housing Gripes

Kevin Peachey (Personal Finance Reporter, BBC News) on Wednesday 13 March 2019 reported on concerns raised by students in a recent survey by 'Save the Student': Included in the list of ten biggest concerns are the state of accommodation and noisy housemates.

Anticipated Cut in Student Fees: Are Universities at Risk of Collapsing?

On Monday 18 February 2019 Sean Coughlan, BBC News Education & Family Correspondent reported on the growing expectation that university fees will be cut and on the possibility that some universities may go to the wall.

'Studentification': The Negative Impacts of Large Student Populations

Peter Beech, writing in the Guardian, Thursday 6 December 2018, reported on how people living in areas with high concentrations of students in university towns and cities from Bristol to Nottingham are asserting their right to get a good night's sleep.