Unipol One-Day Seminar, Thursday, 30 October 2014

Unipol has announced a new event, a one-day seminar on Student Accommodation and the Summer of 2014: Volatility in the Market, Overspills, Undershoots and Late Buildings'.

Government announced an extra 30,000 student places in Higher Education for 2014-2015. Unipol asks the question: 'What happened and what was the effect on student accommodation this year?'.

'The seminar will look at student accommodation supply, demand and allocations in the light of:

  • the additional student places available
  • the extra 6% flexibility in intake that institutions were given
  • the increased competition and stratification within the HE sector
  • the working out of the system of the 2012 drop in student intake with the introduction of high cost fees

Some developments over this summer are already clear:

  • institutional intake varied widely (and sometimes unpredictably) between HEIs
  • not all institutions increased intake - some took less
  • late buildings re-appeared with all the problems that brings
  • the demand for student accommodation was increasingly unpredictable.

All of this against a backdrop of rising consumer expectations and demands often in a climate of cut-throat competition to attract and retain students.'

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