On Saturday, 17 August 2013 Marcus Boocock (Education Correspondent of the Nottingham Post) wrote ...


A former city bar could be turned into student accommodation.

Nottingham architects Maber plan to demolish the old Bar Seven in Ilkeston Road, Canning Circus.

They plan to replace it with a nine-storey building with 99 student bedrooms.

In plans sent to Nottingham City council, the architects say the site has been derelict for around two years and is often the target for fly-tippers.

It says the building would be a huge benefit to the area.

“The site has the potential to be a prominent gateway to the Canning Circus area with views of the site possible from the Derby Road approach from the city centre.

“Presently the three-storey Bar Seven premise has a negative effect on the surrounding conservation area.

“A landmark building has the potential to announce Canning Circus as a destination.”

The new block would also have social and study areas, and cycle and refuse storage. A small shop would also be included.

The proposals would need the green light from the council. However they seem to fit in with the authority’s policy to have purpose-built accommodation for students at Nottingham’s two universities.

Work is currently taking place on a £30 million complex on the site of the old Odean cinema in the city centre.

Other blocks have already opened.

The council has previously said this policy will free up more homes for families.

Deputy leader Councillor Graham Chapman said “It would be a boost for the whole Derby Road and Canning Circus area. There are a lot of derelict shops around there. This would really give it a lift.”

Student Paul Wilson, 20, who goes to Nottingham Trent University, said: “It will be near the university and town as well. I couldn’t think of anywhere better.”

People in the area were also impressed.

Katie Perkins, 26, of Beechdale, said: “My barbers’ shop is just opposite and as it’s a student area already, it will be great for business.”

Michael McGufin, 30, of Radford, said: “It seems to be a big improvement.”


The same edition of the Nottingham Post, explained ...

The lack of major new building projects in Nottingham was  no surprise after the crash knocked the stuffing out of the property industry. Yet it seems there is one type of development the city can’t get enough of: student flats.

Not only have we seen redundant offices converted for student use, this is one of few areas of the property market where new buildings have been constructed.

Plans for student accommodation sometimes prompt mixed feelings, with concerns that boisterous tenants in term time and empty property during holidays has the potential to be the worst of both worlds.

Yet there are also many advantages to developments like that now being proposed for a prominent site at Canning Circus. Not only do they overcome problems associated with conventional houses in multiple occupation, they also bring a shot in the arm to the local economy.

The shops, bars, cafes and other businesses in the area are likely to see the arrival of a building designed to house nearly 100 students as an opportunity rather than a threat.

The developers, architects and builders who work on these projects – who have gone through some lean years recently – will also be grateful.

This is a university city, and we should welcome decent developments that support it.

For full details of the proposals, including design statements, go to


As reported in the Nottingham Post on Saturday, 26 October 2013, Nottingham City Council's Development Control Committee has approved the plan by Maber to replace the present building at Canning Circus with a new nine-storey building designed to accommodate 99 student rooms and associated social and study areas along with cycle storage space and a shop.