The Student Action Plan for 2013 has been produced in collaboration with the Council's Street Cleansing, Waste Management, Community Protection and Sustainability & Climate Change sections. The purpose of the plan is to deliver a co-ordinated response to the environmental issues arising in areas with a high percentage of student-occupied properties, particularly during the end of the academic year.

This year, in order to provide effective oversight and direction to the on-going development of this work stream, a Board has been established.

The key aims of the group are:

  • To provide a forum for sharing intelligence and information between services and to develop a common set of priorities for action.
  • To ensure a co-ordinated response to problem solving and share best practice.
  • To oversee, monitor and guide the delivery of the Student Action Plan
  • To review and authorise the assignment of resources to the delivery of the plan
  • To ensure high quality communication with key stakeholders and raise the profile of the Student Action Plan.
  • To ensure stakeholder feedback is used to inform the priorities and objectives of the Student Action Plan.

In addition to these general aims and immediate operational measures, a key role of the group is to develop a sustained focus on tackling some of the persistent issues affecting student areas.

  • Tackling contamination of recycling bins
  • Bins on streets issues
  • Communication and engagement with students and promotion of recycling services
  • Suitability of refuse collection schemes and bin provision
  • Engagement with Landlords and alternative service offerings

This briefing paper has been produced to provide an overview of activities planned for the end of the 2012-2013 academic year for all stakeholders.


Student Action Plan Board

The Student Action Plan Board is comprised of:

  • Central Operations Manager, Community Protection – Steve Stott
  • The Waste & Recycling Operations Manager – Daniel Ayrton
  • Central Locality Manager – John Marsh
  • Cllr Sarah Piper (Dunkirk & Lenton)
  • Student Strategy Manager – Mike Cole


Action Zones

In order to ensure that the activities of the partner services are coordinated, the board has defined the areas and properties that will be included within this year’s plan.

Following on from the inclusion of a small portion of the Arboretum Ward for the first time last year, this year’s plan will include a further 1,800 properties in the Arboretum as well as increasing the number of properties included from the New Lenton area.

In total over 4,000 properties will be covered by this year’s programme.

For ease of reference the total area covered has been divided into four ‘Action Zones’.

In brief, the Action zones can be described as follows:

Zone A – Arboretum

Zone B – Lenton Triangle, Lenton Boulevard, Trinity Avenue

Zone C – The Drives, Welby/Allington Avenue, Park Road, Derby Road Lenton to QMC

Zone D – Dunkirk , Old Lenton (Midland Avenue/Sherwin Road)

Maps of each of the Action Zones have been produced showing the properties affected, and can be found at the end of this document.



The key activities have been summarised below.

  • Temporary Suspension of Bins on Streets & Contamination Enforcement: From 2 June 2013 for a six week period Community Protection will not enforce against properties with the Action Zones presenting general waste on recycling week or for bins left out on the street.
  • ‘Clear All’ Waste Collections: From 2 June 2013 for six weeks, all domestic waste presented for collection in the Action Zones will be cleared by waste collection crews. Separate collections of property presented recycling bins will take place during this period to ensure that no recycling is lost.
  • Daily Additional Collections: During the six week period additional resources have been diverted from other duties to provide daily coverage of the Action Zones between the normally scheduled waste collection service.
  • Additional Mechanical ‘Deep Clean’: Each street within the Action Zones will receive an additional ‘Deep Clean’ using larger mechanical equipment. Mechanical cleaning will take place as student properties become empty and the amount of road side parking reduces.
  • Saturday Clear Outs: Each of the four Action Zones will receive an additional bulky waste collection day on a Saturday. These will take place on

Saturday 8 June (Zone A)

Saturday 15 June (Zone D)

Saturday 22 June (Zone C)

Saturday 29 June (Zone B)

  • Bins on Streets: Throughout the six week period, additional personnel will place all empty bins inside the boundary of the properties within the Action Zones, preventing the accumulation of bins on streets.


Communication & Co-ordination

In order to effectively manage communication during the period of the plan and to co-ordinate activity, there will be one nominated point of contact for each week. Any queries arising from or related to the Student Action Plan can be directed to

Steve Stott, Operations Manager, Community Protection

Tel: 101 Ext. 801-5096


In addition a specific e-mail address has been set up for the use of stakeholders, to ensure all enquires are dealt with and responded to promptly:

Future Developments

Following the successful delivery of this programme of activity, a outcomes report will be produced based on the monitoring and information gathered during the six week period. This intelligence will underpin the development of future Action Plans and inform our approach to the longer term aims of the board.

The objectives of the Student Action Plan extend beyond the end of the academic year. During the Summer period, the Board will focus on developing an engagement plan for new and returning students in September.

During this period there will be a number of opportunities to feed into the forward plan and the Board will be actively seeking the views of all stakeholders.


Action Zone A



Action Zone B


Action Zone C


Action Zone D