The Nottingham Post (31 December 2013) reported on the results of a survey carried out in neighbourhoods in the Lenton Sands ('Lenton Triangle') area of Nottingham ...

Excessive noise, overflowing bins and personal safety have been highlighted as concerns in student areas in Nottingham.

They were revealed after a survey of residents in areas such as Lenton by a group called Community Reps.

The group was set up by University of Nottingham student Ben Haddock to alleviate tension between students and other residents in the city.

Student volunteers have spent the past three months carrying out door-to-door surveys, asking both groups what they liked and disliked and what they'd change about their local area.

Residents were also asked for their views on what they thought of the relationship between students and non-students. "Even though we're living together in the same area, it's surprising how many of us don't know who our neighbours are" said Mr Haddock. "I'm hoping that we can now start to solve some local issues and build bridges between the two."

With the results now analysed, it appears that most non-students have big concerns about noise, whereas students were primarily worried about levels of crime. Most students and non-students who answered the survey said they did not have much contact with one another.

A meeting for student and non-students living in the Lenton area has been organised by the group along with Nottingham City Council and the Lenton and Dunkirk Partnership Forum. Local councillors, police, university and Students' Union representatives will be attending with the aim of identifying further problems and initiating plans to solve them.

It will be held at Primary, an arts centre on the site of the old Douglas Primary School, in Seely Road, Lenton, on Monday, January 27, from 6.30pm.