These include (but not exclusively) problems such as:

  • Litter, rubbish, inadequate waste management;
  • Poor levels of maintenance of properties and their curtilages, including gardens, yards, fences;
  • Degraded streetscape, e.g. large numbers of ‘To Let’ signs, graffiti, flyposting, removal of walls, hedges, conversion of gardens into parking lots;
  • Pressure on parking provision;
  • Anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance
  • Crime, largely committed on tenants of HMOs, and primarily burglary.

Because of their visual/physical impact most are relatively easy to identify and, provided there is on-going commitment of sufficient (largely local authority) resources, they are not absolutely intractable, and their impact on a neighbourhood can be lessened, though not completely eradicated.

Although not strictly an 'environmental' issue, anti-social behaviour (albeit often low-level, but persistent) and noise nuisance are also included, as is crime.