Nottingham City Council Working to Promote Good Landlords in the City

The City Council's additional licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) has now been launched, with around 400 applications already received from Nottingham landlords.

The additional HMO licensing will help make sure HMOs are managed properly by licensing privately rented HMOs in a significant part of the city centre and inner city areas.

The authority is also one of 23 councils across the country that have been given a cash boost from the Government to tackle rogue landlords and poor landlord practices that are affecting the living conditions of local people.

The £124,000 government grant will be used to help develop a proactive approach to tackling rogue landlords across Nottingham. This will include setting up an 'intelligence hub' to identify and collate information on rogue landlords, as well as training for Council staff and partners on identifying and tackling rogue landlords and providing training for landlords on their responsibilities.

Councillor Alex Ball, Executive Assistant with responsibility for Housing and Regeneration, said: "Nottingham City Council recognises the great contribution good landlords make to the prosperity of the city and we are therefore really pleased that so many landlords across the city have already applied for licences under the additional HMO licence scheme.

"The additional HMO licence scheme will help ensure that landlords are providing well-managed private-rented HMOs in Nottingham and it is encouraging that, at what has been a very busy time of the year for a lot of people, nearly 400 applications have already been made.

"The funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government is also a welcome boost to the work we are already doing to support and encourage good landlords, such as additional HMO licensing and the Nottingham Standard for landlord accreditation which was set up last year."

The Nottingham Standard is an accreditation mark that unites landlord accreditation schemes in the city. Developed in partnership with the DASH (Decent and Safe Homes) Services and Unipol landlord accreditation schemes, the Nottingham Standard aims to take away much of the uncertainty that goes with private renting by assuring tenants that private rented properties meet a minimum standard.

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[Source: Nottingham City Council Press Release, 9 January 2014]