Laura Alvarez, Lecturer in Archirectural Technology at Nottingham Trent University begins her article in 'The Conversation' (31 October 2016) by saying:

'Modern life is proving more complex, tiresome and heavy-going than we imagined. We live under constant pressure: our environments and the technology we have developed seem to be evolving faster than we can keep up with, causing us stress, anxiety, depression and a whole range of other modern disorders. The way we consume, the food we eat and the forms of communication we use are all leading us to modern problems such as hoarding, obesity and loneliness. 

A whole range of recent research shows that we could be happier and healthier if we made an effort to move more and connect with nature, if we could support each other more and if we start caring for our places and our communities. Design can help make it happen with simple solutions that trigger our human instincts in positive ways. Here are seven simple rules to help us create healthier, happier neighbourhoods.'

She goes on to give her seven rules:

  • Make it human
  • Make it easy to move around
  • Make places that change with the seasons
  • Make local food matter
  • Make places to share
  • Make places that people understand
  • Make places where people want to belong.

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