September 2020

September has seen a good deal of activity around the ward and across the City. 


Unfortunately, since the easing of lockdown the rate of covid infection has gradually increased in the city, however now the rate is rising rapidly. Our ward had very low rates previously but this is no longer the case, a joint letter from the Universities, Police and the Council is being sent out to residents of Lenton, see below*. There has been much anxiety and discussion about the return of university students and we have been working closely with Public Health, the Police, Community Protection and the Universities to try to ensure there would be a safe return.  

Funding for local causes 

In the absence of our normal round of community events we thought we would support local causes from our budget. We have requested some local primary schools and community centres/groups, who have not received funding recently, to put in applications. So far we have agreed to pay for new chairs at the Dunkirk & Old Lenton Community Centre and some book gifts for pupils at Dunkirk Primary. 

Area Committee Meeting 

The first Area Committee meeting since lockdown was held online, we had a discussion about the local response to the covid pandemic and a presentation from the Chief Planner on the proposals to introduce a charge on developments of purpose built student accommodation towards affordable housing. We also formally approved improvements to pavements on Dorket Drive, Baslow Drive and Anslow Avenue from our ward budget.  

Nottingham Jobs 

We know that unemployment is rising, due to the impacts of covid. The City Council, Futures and DWP work in partnership to support people into employment and training through Nottingham Jobs, you can access the website here https://www.nottinghamjobs.com/

Ward Walk 

As reported in the last update, pared down ward walks have restarted and Pavlos was out in September with a few Officers around Lenton Abbey. Various issues have been raised including pot holes, railings in need of re-painting and a notice board repair. After this, further discussion took place about the notice boards across the ward, some need repair and the content certainly needs refreshing. 


We have lost some trees in Lenton Abbey this year due to disease, they will be replaced. Recently residents in Bosley Square were concerned when a tree was felled, but we have reassured them that this was due to it being in a dangerous condition. We are very committed to continuing to plant trees. 

Tree maintenance works which will be happening in Lenton Boulevard in the winter. 

Bee Friendly Nottingham 

We have met with the Council’s Biodiversity Officer to discuss the programme of bee friendly planting ready for next spring, with wild flower seeding and bulb planting taking place. 

Sally was happy to meet with the CEO of Nottingham City Homes to celebrate the installation of “bee hotels”, created by one of their apprentices, across the city, including one in Lenton Green. 


After the covid lockdown there was a huge backlog of weed spraying in gutters but we are glad to report that this work has now been completed across the ward, unless you know otherwise! Strimming to remove the dead weeds will take place. The Street Scene team are gradually doing early morning weeding sessions on busy road sides. 

Forever Stars Serenity Garden, Highfields Park 

We were glad to meet with representatives of Forever Stars at the site of the new Serenity Garden, which we have contributed to financially, work is progressing rapidly and we are sure this will be a lovely space for everyone in the future. 

Please stay safe.

Pavlos Kotsonis: pavlos.kotsonis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07874 792633

Sally Longford: sally.longford@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07732 972465

Dave Trimble: dave.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk: tel: (0115) 8763785

*Joint Letter from the Universities, Police and Council to Lenton Residents

14 September

Work together, stick to the rules, save lives

Dear resident,

We are seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases across Nottingham and we all need to work together to take steps to protect our communities and save lives.

This week sees the implementation of new Government rules that limit the number of people gathering in a social capacity to no more than six at any one time.

Nottinghamshire Police is working alongside Nottingham City Council, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University to send out a clear message about following the new rules.

Preventing the spread of the virus is a shared effort and police will play their part alongside Government, businesses, hospitality owners, local authorities and others.   

Breaching these rules could see swift action including fines, and even loss of tenancy agreements or university places in extreme cases.

The Rule of Six

The new rules are clear and we all have a personal responsibility for following them to help stop of the spread of a deadly virus.

Police will continue to be in communities and engaging, explaining and encouraging people to follow the new regulations. The police will disperse groups of over six and issue fines to those who refuse to comply.

In most situations, we are sure we can resolve breaches without having to issue a fine, but let us be clear: if people deliberately flout the rules and put other people’s lives in danger we will not hesitate to issue fines.

Start of the new academic year

September sees the arrival of thousands of young people into our communities – especially in areas near to our universities, such as Lenton and the Arboretum.

Universities re-opening is an important step in a return to a more normal world and all agencies recognise the contribution that students – many of whom come from the city and county – make to the economy, culture and society.

However, regardless of whether we are permanent residents or student residents, we all now live in a world that is bound by stricter rules and guidelines to help stop the spread of Covid-19. The police, universities and local authority are calling for responsible behaviour that will keep our communities safe

If you are a student…

We look forward to welcoming students to Nottingham and value the contribution they make to our city. The vast majority of students make an active and positive contribution economically, culturally, through volunteering activities and simply by being good neighbours. 

However, it is important that all of our students understand that everyone has a part to play to save lives and to stop the spread of this virus.

Students are asked to follow the new ‘Rule of Six’ Covid-19 guidelines, while at the same time also being good neighbours to those living around them. This includes keeping noise levels to a minimum, not throwing house parties and not behaving anti-socially. 

Reports of noise and anti-social behaviour will be reported as always by calling 101.

We know that some students live in accommodation with more than six people, so if a larger group is seen going into a house it may not necessarily be in breach of guidelines.

Universities have the power, through student disciplinary codes, to tackle those causing a nuisance in the community. This includes, in addition to university procedures, the legal powers available to Community Protection Officers to issue fines, civil injunctions and closure orders. In the most serious cases, students can findthemselves removed from their accommodation, suspended or excluded from their course, and/or with a criminal record.

Help to stop the spread of Covid-19

We all have a role to play on stopping the spread of Covid-19. The guidance is clear that everyone should:

  • maintain a safe social distance
  • wear a face covering
  • wash their hands regularly
  • get a test if they have symptoms (call 119 or visit www.nhs.uk/coronavirus

Please help us to keep Nottingham safe and to save lives.

Yours faithfully

Kate Meynell (Assistant Chief Constable, Notts Police)

Cllr David Mellen (Leader, Nottingham City Council)

Professor Shearer West (Vice-Chancellor, University of Nottingham)

Professor Edward Peck (Vice-Chancellor, Nottingham Trent University)