May 2020

It has been a difficult month in many ways.

Covid-19 Pandemic

We really appreciate everyone who has supported and co-operated with the lock down and social distancing. We have supported the Lenton Centre to get their Covid-19 Grant. This has been volunteer week when we have been thanking volunteers for their activities during the public health crisis, please let us know of local people whose efforts you would like to be recognised. Pavlos has been visiting various groups involved in response to the crisis around the City.


The popular Park Attendant at Lenton Rec, Dave Thompson, has retired, unfortunately his party was postponed because of the lockdown and will be re-organised later. The Park is getting new signage and some funding is on its way, so consultation will take place about what is needed. 

At Highfields Park landscaping is underway to finish off the Forever Stars garden at the west end. A local artist, Richard Janes is working on a seat to commemorate the Maid Marian boat. 

Anti-social Behaviour

Unfortunately, we are receiving some more reports of noise and anti-social behaviour. Please be considerate of your neighbours if you are having a gathering in your garden and if you go to a Park please take your waste home and remember playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment are still not in use, and please remember to social distance. If you are affected please report to the Police non-emergency number who will pass on details to Community Protection.

Pavement Works

We have approved a scheme to renew the pavements on one side of Charles Avenue and Varden Avenue paid for out of our local ward budget. We are sure will be welcomed by residents, who have been waiting a long time since the other side of the road was sorted several years ago!

Re-starting Council Services

We are really glad that the garden waste collection has resumed, and the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Lenton has re-opened, with some restrictions. The first few weeks have been very busy at the HWRC, but we have had officers onsite to ensure the queue has been managed, and social distancing has been taking place. 

Full Council

We had our first online Council Meeting. As part of that meeting we had a minute’s silence in remembrance of the people who have lost their lives, which was broadcast live, and you can view on youtube here: 


The range of Council meetings happening is increasing now and will be held online for the time being.

Pavlos Kotsonis: pavlos.kotsonis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07874 792633

Sally Longford: sally.longford@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07732 972465

Dave Trimble: dave.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk: tel: (0115) 8763785