March 2021

Covid and Safety  

As you will probably have heard, there have been incidents of unsafe behaviour in our parks recently, with much rubbish left behind for our Street Scene teams to clean up who have had valuable assistance from volunteer “Clean Champions” with litter picking. Unfortunately it meant that Lenton Rec had to be closed for one day. We hope this action will not be necessary again, but we will be continuing to monitor the situation.  We have also been in touch with the Universities to request greater assistance. 

Lenton Green 

We have been working with Nottingham City Homes to try to resolve some of the management issues on Lenton Green, and have now agreed to part fund the works, including a new notice board, tree and other planting plus improvements to the paths. Works will start soon. 

Police and Neighbourhood Alert 

The local Police have again reported a large reduction in crime across the ward compared with previous years. 

They have asked us to remind people that everyone can get updates on issues in their neighbourhood by signing up to Nottinghamshire Alert, you can do this easily by following this link www.nottinghamshirealert.co.uk  

Police & Crime Commissioner Elections 

On 6th May there will be an election for the Police & Crime Commissioner. There is still time to register for a postal vote, which will enable you to avoid going to the Polling Station. You can find out more here Police and Crime Commissioner Election 6th May 2021 - Nottingham City Council 

Change of Staff 

You may know that we have had temporary arrangements for our Neighbourhood Development Officer for some time, we are now glad to report that we have a new permanent Officer, Ian Bellamy, who will be covering Lenton & Wollaton East and Wollaton West wards in future. Parbinder Singh, who has been very supportive over the last few months, will be supporting him until the end of April when he retires.  

Area Committees 

We had our final formal Area Committee meeting in March. The Area Partnership, which has been successful during the pandemic, will continue and we will soon be making plans for what we, as a ward, should do in future. All suggestions gratefully received. 

Primary Parliament

Sally made a "guest appearance" at the City's "Primary Parliament", where students presented work on the Census. She was really pleased to meet online with children from Southwold Primary and Middleton Primary where many of our local children attend. 

Blossom Together

The National Trust are funding a project to plant blossoming trees to commemorate the covid pandemic, they have selected two sites in Nottingham, one of which is Highfields. We meet with the Parks Team and local people to discuss details. Planting is likely to take place in the autumn and will be a lovely addition to the Park..

Enjoy the spring and gradual easing of lockdown, but safely!

Pavlos Kotsonis: pavlos.kotsonis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk. 07874 792633
Sally Longford: sally.longford@nottinghamcity.gov.uk, 07732 972465
Dave Trimble: dave.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk, 0115 8763785