A lot of casework has come in during February, some of it related to the storms which have caused trouble with trees and excess water. 

Public Meeting Re Purpose Built Student Accommodation

We organised a public meeting to discuss the proposals for PBSA in Lenton. Rob Percival from the City Planners came to talk about what is proposed, what the Planning Department can do and how residents can comment on the applications. We were glad that representatives of the University of Nottingham attended alongside the Student Union, Community Protection and Safer Housing. It was a very well attended and lively meeting, with residents talking about the challenges of living in an area like Lenton where there are a large proportion of HMOs. We hope that all attending have received copies of the notes of the meeting, as well as some other interested residents. If you have not, and would like to please let us know. 

We also attended a meeting of the Lenton Drives Residents' Association with Police & Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping, where issues were raised with Police and Community Protection about their ability to deal with noise and anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood.


We are glad that at last the public consultation about the extended hours of residents' parking around the QMC has begun. Please make sure you send back your consultation with any comments. Also part of the scheme is a new single yellow line around Sutton Passey's Crescent to allow the L5 bus to pass more easily, again it is important we hear your views.

Tackling Crime

The Police recently reported that our crime statistics are improving slightly compared to last year, and knife crime is coming down in the City, however we are very sad to report that we had a serious stabbing in our ward at the end of the month. The Police have made an arrest.

We have a lot of students living in our ward and, unfortunately they are often targeted by burglars. Sally and Pavlos joined volunteer students, Student Union, Off Campus Affairs, Community Protection Officers and the Police in their "Beat the Burglar" campaign early in the month, encouraging residents in the Lenton Drives to be vigilant and use simple methods to deter burglars. 

Road Safety

When we were elected last year we pledged to improve road safety in the ward. We have been looking at a variety of ways of doing this, including improved signage and slight changes to the cycle path on Middleton Boulevard to reduce possible conflict between cyclists and motorists. The signage should be installed in the next few weeks.

Lilian Greenwood and Sally met last year with Highways England to discuss the safety of the section of the A52 between QMC and the Priory Island, This month we had a further meeting and it seems that, although progress is painfully slow, we might see some improvements in the next couple of years, but it all depends on the available funding.

As far as the section of Derby Road between Canning Circus and QMC is concerned, we have been discussing with the City Council Road Safety team what could be done to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists and it seems like plans are coming together. We hope that funding will be available shortly and of course residents will be consulted about any changes.

Lenton Green and Maxwell Close

We are glad to report that Nottingham City Homes will be carrying out a variety of planting and environmental improvements around the area in March. We have asked for some trees and bee friendly planting. We have also asked for a new notice board to be installed, this will happen later in the year.

Dunkirk Ward Walk

We had a very well attended ward walk in part of Dunkirk, and residents were glad to see deep cleans taking place. We have taken on board a variety of issues and will be ensuring residents’ concerns are tackled.

British Heart Foundation Recycling 

We have agreed that the BHF recycling scheme will take place again this year. It has been very successful in reducing waste and encouraging students in particular to recycle items rather than dumping them at the end of the academic year through the "Pack for Good" campaign and raising £800,000 last year for charity.

Pavlos Kotsonis: pavlos.kotsonis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07874 792633

Sally Longford: sally.longford@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07732 972465

Dave Trimble: dave.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk: tel: (0115) 8763785