APRIL 2020

This month has been dominated by Covid-19. We would like to thank people for behaving sensibly and continuing to stay home and support each other during this difficult time. 

Council Covid-19 Response

We have been working hard to keep Adult and Children's Social Care going and to protect the NHS. We have been redeploying and recruiting people to Home Care jobs and ensuring everyone has the necessary Personal Protection Equipment to keep them and citizens safe. Government supplies of PPE have been haphazard, but we have a great local team working tirelessly to keep us supplied.
The Council has been working to support vulnerable and "shielded" people, ensuring that they have food, medication and other needs met. Our Neighbourhood Teams have been helping people in Lenton and Wollaton East and checking on residents' welfare. We are very grateful for the contribution of local groups such as AJ Sports, St Mary's Church, Wollaton Park Residents' Association, DOLCA and Lenton Drives Residents' Association for their support in this challenging task.
The Robin Hood Fund has raised over £75,000 for local causes and has been keeping the food banks across the City supplied, including Hope on Boundary Road. Many other local causes have been supported. If you wish to donate you can do so at https://www.robinhoodfund.org/

Domestic Violence and Abuse

There are reports from around the world that during lockdown there has been a rise in domestic violence and abuse. In Nottingham help is available for domestic violence 24 hour free phone 0808 0808 0340, for child abuse or neglect 0115 8764800 and abuse of a vulnerable adult 0300 1310 300 option 2. In emergency always phone 999.


Early in the emergency we had to close the Household Waste Recycling Centre, stop Bulky Waste collections and suspend the Garden Waste collection. All these were for staffing and social distancing reasons. Now we are in a better position, and hope we will be able to safely re-start some of these services soon.  In the meantime please resist the temptation to burn garden waste or fly tip and try to keep waste at home, these things are unpleasant for neighbours and cause health hazards, if reported enforcement action will be taken. As soon as we can resume normal services we will do so.


The Council would like to hear your views about how Parks and open spaces should be used in the future. We have been granted funding from the Parks Accelerator Fund to help us plan for the future management of parks. You can do the online survey here  www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/FPAParksconsultation

Nottingham Libraries

The Libraries were closed at the beginning of the crisis, but we have a good online Library, available here https://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/libraries/one-stop-online-library/ with links to reading, kids activities and a variety of other things to alleviate the boredom!

Warm Homes Hub

We have recently launched the Warm Homes Hub. There is advice available on reducing energy bills, opportunities to have central heating installed if you have never had it, and improvements to insulation. We know that in the winter people worry about turning up their heating because they can't afford to pay their bills, so now is the time to act and see if you can improve things for next year. Please have a look at the website and see if you can get help  https://warmhomeshub.com/.
Please stay home and keep safe. If you need help please ring the Council 0115 9155555.

Pavlos Kotsonis: pavlos.kotsonis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07874 792633

Sally Longford: sally.longford@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07732 972465

Dave Trimble: dave.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk: tel: (0115) 8763785