June 2019

This month we have been starting to settle into the routine for the new ward. Sally had knee surgery at the beginning of the month, so it has been Pavlos and Dave who have been out and about.

Great Get Together

The event at the Sheila Roper Centre in Lenton Abbey, organised by Angie Stanton and supported by us and Nottingham City Homes was a great success, with lots of people, of all ages, getting together to enjoy food, conversation and a bouncy castle.

Fun Days

We have  two Fun Days this month, the Lenton Abbey Fun Day is this Saturday at Lenton Abbey Park from 1-5 and the other, is on Farndon Green on 26th July, 2-5. Lots of free fun to be had.

It was disappointing that the Lenton Fun Day Festival was cancelled due to the awful weather at the beginning of the June. However we understand that it will be rescheduled for later in the year, watch this space for details.

End of University Year

There has been a lot of focus on getting the end-of-year Clean up sorted. There has been a great deal of use of the British Heart Foundation recycling scheme by students, but there still remain ongoing waste management issues, where students and landlords leave their waste behind, causing problems for the neighbours. We have been working with Street Scene and Community Protection to ensure that issues get resolved as soon as possible. We understand there is a possibility that the University may financially support extra cleansing resources next year, and we will pursue that with our Officers.

Ward Walks

The first ward walk took place around the Kennington Road area, and a variety of issues were looked at including management of bins, green spaces and cleansing. We will be following these up over the next few weeks. Also some anti-social behaviour issues have been raised with us, and we will be following up with Community Protection and the Police.

The July ward walk will be in part of Lenton Abbey on Wednesday 10th July, meet at the shops (Blossoms) on Woodside Road at 10am. Residents of the streets covered will receive a flyer to alert them and ask for their issues.

Farndon Green Green Flag

We are glad to report that Wollaton Park Residents’ Association are looking into the possibility of getting a Green Flag for Farndon Green. A site visit has been arranged with the Council’s Biodiversity Officer.

Area Committee

The first Area Committee was held, at which Pavlos was elected Chair for the coming year. Unfortunately due to a clerical error some Community Representatives were not invited, and we are sorry for this.

At the meeting crime and anti-social behaviour data was presented, which showed a reduction over previous years.

Neighbourhood Team

We had our first very well attended Neighbourhood Action Team meeting, where we discussed a range of issues across the ward including cleansing, parking, anti-social behaviour and how we are all going to work together over the next four years.

It is clear that some of the parking restrictions which have been in place for several years may need to be reviewed over the coming months.

Summer Holiday Activity

We are very pleased that AJ Sports Academy are still receiving Area funding from the City Council to run their free summer holiday programme for 5-11 year olds this year, they will be on Lenton Abbey Park on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 1-3.

We look forward to seeing you at local events over the next few weeks.

Pavlos Kotsonis: pavlos.kotsonis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07874 792633

Sally Longford: sally.longford@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07732 972465

Dave Trimble: dave.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk: tel: (0115) 8763785