August 2019

We hope you enjoyed the summer. We have been busy as always, and have a lot of news to report:

Fun Days Re-Arranged

The Lenton Abbey Fun Day has been re-arranged for this Saturday, the 7th September, 1-5pm at Lenton Abbey Park

The Lenton Fun Day is on Lenton Rec on 28th September, 1-5pm
We would like to thank everyone for their hard work in making new arrangements for these popular events.

Summer Activities

Many children really enjoyed AJ Sports activities during the summer holidays and benefitted from the lunches provided by the Council, the atmosphere was great.
Angie Stanton also put on a weekly family coffee morning/breakfast at the Sheila Roper Centre and we would like to thank her for her commitment to the community.

Kennington Road

We had a meeting to discuss ways to improve the Kennington/Canterbury Road area, including the possibility of new planting, improving the play area, helping with litter and waste disposal and possible new community events in the future. Our Neighbourhood Development Officer, Fi Cusick, is working on a range of options.

Cleansing and Weed Removal

The effectiveness of the weed spraying programme was variable this year, partly due to weather conditions. The team have recently been catching up by manually removing weeds in various places, which is time consuming, but reduces the amount of chemicals used.

Green Flag Success

Following this summer Green Flag judging by Keep Britain Tidy the following local parks were successful in being awarded a Green Flag. Highfields Park, Wollaton Park, Lenton Rec. Lenton Abbey Park and Priory Sculpture Park which was a new entry this year. Nottingham University was also successful in achieving Green Flags for both the main campus and its Jubilee Campus. These parks and green spaces all contributed to Nottingham having the highest number of Green Flags in Great Britain.

Improving Recycling and Cutting Single Use Plastic

In some parts of the city and in apartment blocks orange bags have been used for recycling. The Council has a project underway to reduce single use plastic and improve recycling rates, by gradually replacing the bags with recycling bins. Sally, with her responsibility for Waste Collection, was happy to “hand over” new communal recycling bins to interested residents at Leen Court.

Mairi Café

Dave and Sally attended the opening of the Mairi Café at the Lenton Centre, named after our ex colleague and friend Mairi Yuill. Dave spoke about the great contribution she made to the local community.

Students and HMOs

Students are returning after the long summer break. Please be welcoming to new neighbours.

Most of the ward is protected by an Article 4 Direction, which means that if a family house is turned into an HMO, with three or more unrelated adults living there, planning permission is required. If you notice a home becoming an HMO without permission please report it straight away to us and we will follow up.

General Election?

There could be a general election coming soon, make sure you are registered to vote!


We have surgeries every month in different parts of the ward. You can come along to talk about local issues:

Lenton Community Centre, 2nd Tuesday of every month, 6.30pm-7.30pm,
Dunkirk & Old Lenton Community Centre, 4th Friday of every month, 7.00pm-8.00pm,
Southwold Primary School, Kennington Road, 1st Tuesday of every month (term time only) 2.30pm – 3.30pm,
Sheila Roper Centre, off Baslow Drive, 2nd Friday of every month, 10 am to 11 am

Sally Longford: sally.longford@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07732 972465 

Pavlos Kotsonis: pavlos.kotsonis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk; tel: 07874 792633 

Dave Trimble: dave.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk: tel: (0115) 8763785