'A Neighbourhood Design Statement (NDS) builds on existing local planning policy to ensure that changes in the neighbourhood recognise its past heritage and contribute to its future sustainability, to the quality of its buildings, its open spaes and its accessibility, and to its social cohesion.'

[Headingley & Hyde Park Neighbourhood Design Statement SPD, p.6., 2010]

To quote Dr. Richard Tyler's foreword to the Headingley & Hyde Park NDS SPD, 'Headingley at the turn of the millenium experienced its greatest demographic upheaval since the expansion of the neighbourhood as a suburb in the nineteenth century. As a result of the demand for accommodation by students at Leeds' expandiong universities, the majority of the settled residents were replaced by a transient (and seasonal) population. This upheaval has had an impact on every aspect of the community, including the quality of the built environment, the street scene, open spaces and their management. The Headingley & Hyde Park NDS is a response to this environmental impact.'

The same issues are present in a range of different neighbourhoods in Nottingham which also experienced the phenomenon now known as 'studentification'. The Headingley & Hyde Park NDS SPD represents one possible response to those issues here in Nottingham.

To download the Headingley & Hyde Park NDS SPD, follow this link (approx. 4.4 MB):