The present status and possible future of Greenholme School and its playing field were discussed at the meeting of the Arboretum, Dunkirk & Lenton and Radford & Park Area Committee on the 27 February 2013.

Greenholme School was originally a family dwelling which, over the period of 30 years, has been heavily extended to provide additional classroom accommodation. The school closed in September 2011 and since then has been for sale through FHP. The site now appears to have been sold. But details of the new owners and their intentions for the school and the playing field are not know. However, it is rumoured that the playing field is for sale for commercial/residential redevelopment. If this is the case, then this could lead to the loss of the playing field area either as a whole or in part.

Over recent years, the population of the local area has increased substantially with the building of the 'Lenton Village' housing development nearby, the conversion of family homes into HMOs and the subsequent intensification of occupancy of these properties, plus the large new student halls of residence, also nearby. This, together with the demolition of the Lenton Flats to make way for new family homes, and the increasing demand for school places and facilities in the area, point to the fact that the playing field, with its potential to be used by the local community in the future, is an asset that the locality can ill afford to lose, and one which can help realise ambitions to restore balance and sustainability to Lenton.