Taken together, the various topics contained in this 'Issues' section of the NAG website all make contributions (positive as well as negative) to the one issue that is both the least tractable and yet the most important (not only for the NAG, but for people living in neighbourhoods like ours all around the country): our neighbourhoods, their histories, what they are now, and how to build for the future so that they are places which are sustainable, resilient, answer the needs of the communities who live in them, and make a real contribution to the future of the city in which they are located.

Trying to get a working understanding of 'community' and what 'resilience', 'balance', 'sustainability' and 'cohesion' really mean, and why they are important is a necessary precursor.

Equally, it is essential to appreciate that, as much as they are the foundations on which neighbourhoods are built, a good deal more goes into making and sustaining a neighbourhood than the bricks and mortar of its buildings.

It has been said that a neighbourhood can fail in a matter of months. Equally, building or rebuilding a neighbourhood may take years - maybe even a lifetime.

From this page you can navigate to 'Changing Lenton' which brings together the different projects which are already changing Lenton, along with those which will do so in the future.