Revision of the procedures to use to report noise (and other) anti-social behaviour is at present taking place. In the meantime, you are asked to continue reporting problems using the procedures outlined below.

It is hoped that the up-dated procedure will be available shortly.

7 January 2017

♦If you are being troubled by noise anti-social behaviour;

If you can identify where the problem is coming from;

If it is on-going and you need an officer to respond you should

 Report the problem to the police non-emergency number by calling 101 and selecting the ‘operator’ option


Your report will be passed to the nearest available officer, who could be a member of the local beat team, i.e. Police Officer, PCSO or CPO.  How quickly your report is acted upon will depend on what resources are available at the time.  So, for example, a noise report on a Friday evening at midnight may not get an immediate response, or may not get one at all if other, more serious, issues are taking place elsewhere.

Reporting the incident to the Police non-emergency number will ensure that a Police incident is created. The local beat team/CPOs will check that all noise nuisance incidents reported out of hours have received a response. They will carry out any necessary follow up visits to investigate the matter and ensure that, where appropriate, cases are referred on for further enforcement/intervention.


REMEMBER, Please make sure you leave contact details when you make all reports


The severity of the noise complaint will dictate the level of response. For example, if the problem was a ‘one-off’ and the response at the time was sufficient to stop the noise, then the incident will be simply logged for future reference. However, if the incident was part of a pattern of behaviour, or was of an extreme nature (e.g. an all-night party and repeated requests to cease the noise were ignored), an officer will visit the address of the alleged offenders and issue a verbal warning. However, if the nature of the complaint warrants it, a written Noise Warning Notice will be issued.

Community Protection will ensure that you are updated with regards the actions taken to respond to your complaint.

From this point on the situation will be closely monitored and updates sought from the complainant(s) to ascertain whether the behaviour of the offenders has altered. If the noise issue continues to cause concerns to the resident(s), the case will be passed on to the Council Noise Pollution Team or ASB Enforcement Officers for in-depth investigation, and substantive enforcement action (Court Orders) will be considered.

NOTE: The Community Protection Team will take responsibility for liaising with other organisations (e.g. universities) who may need to be involved as the team seeks to follow up and take action against the perpetrators of noise anti-social behaviour

In cases where an immediate response is not required, or where residents simply want advice or guidance, please call the ASB Helpline 0115 9152020.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Outside of these hours an answerphone message will direct callers to call 101 for assistance with an anti-social behaviour issue, or 999 for more serious issues. It will also provide the facility to leave a message.

The Helpline can also be contacted by e-mail at:


Produced by the Nottingham Action Group on HMOs (NAG) with thanks to and in co-operation with Nottingham City Council’s Community Protection (Central) Team
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