'Planning & You: The Discussion Continued'
Wednesday 24 May 2017

6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Function Room
Rose & Crown
Derby Road, Lenton


Senior Officers from the Council’s Planning Section, from Environmental Health/HMO Licensing and Enforcement, and from Community Protection will be at the meeting to cover a range of topics focusing on control of conversion of ‘family’ homes to HMOs, planning and licensing enforcement actions, and anti-social behaviour (including noise and litter) relating to HMOs.

Planning, like housing, is a subject that has an impact, whether direct or not, on all of us. This meeting, as its title implies, is the latest in a series of open meetings which the NAG has held with planning officers from Nottingham City Council.

Also, this meeting completes the series of three meetings, which started in Autumn 2016, aimed at covering the different aspects of legislation relating to HMOs (housing, planning, community protection), actions that can be/are being taken using that legislation, and possible future developments.

As is always the case with NAG open meetings, invitations have been sent to, amongst others, Councillors, Council officers, representatives from Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University and their respective students' unions, Community Protection, and Nottinghamshire Police.

Time will be set aside for a Question and Answer session as well as for feedback.

Everyone is welcome.