Current Trends & Future Developments in the Student Housing Market

Thursday 21 February 2019
Lecture Room
New Mechanics Institute
North Sherwood Street, Nottingham

6.00 pm Start 

This will be the latest in a series of Unipol-NAG (U-NAG) public meetings. The agenda and other details will be posted as soon as they have been confirmed.

The student housing market is constantly changing, and not only does it impact on all aspects of life in neighbourhoods where studentification is a fact of life, but as well in those where it could well begin to be experienced in the not too distant future. It has repercussions right across the whole of the housing market.

The meeting will take place against this evolving background. Martin Blakey, CEO of Unipol Student Homes, will lead the meeting. The insight he gives into the student market is informative and wide-ranging in its scope, and his analysis of current trends and how that market is likely to develop in the future are based on an extensive and sound knowledge of the subject.

As is customary in meetings facilitated by the NAG, invitations will be sent to relevant Nottingham City ward councillors and portfolio holders, to council officers, to Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University, to the Police, and to the two students' unions.

The Registrars of Nottingham University (Paul Greatrix) and Nottingham Trent University (Steve Denton) have accepted invitations to come and give insights into the future development of their institutions (including student intake and accommodation) as well as giving updates on actions they are taking to ameliorate student-related problems in so-called studentified neighbourhoods.

Paul Seddon, Nottingham City Council's Director of Planning & Regeneration has also accepted an invitation to the meeting, as have Tom Lynk (Senior Community Protection Officer, Community Protection Central West) and Rupindar Kooner (Senior Community Protection Officer, Community Protection Central North).

As always at meetings facilitated by the NAG, time will be set aside for questions, comments and feedback.



Apologies from

Professor Shearer West (Vice Chancellor Nottingham University)

Cllr Sally Longford (Wollaton East & Lenton Abbey)

Cllr Sam Webster (Wollaton East & Lenton Abbey)

David Walker (Nottingham City Council)

Lorraine Raynor (Nottingham City Council)

Mike Cole (Nottingham City Council)

Aran Hennessy (Nottingham City Council)

Announcements & NAG Housekeeping

Background & Scope of Meeting

2. Talks by

Martin Blakey (CEO Unipol Student Homes)

Paul Seddon (Nottingahm City Council Director of Planning & Regeneration) with colleagues (Matthew Grant and Matt Gregory)

Paul Greatrix (Registrar Nottingham University)

Steve Denton (Registrar Nottingham Trent University)

3. Updates from

Julie Liversidge (Nottingham City Council Licensing & Compliance Team)

Tom Lynk (SCPO Community Protection Central West) & Rupindar Kooner (SCPO Community Protection Central North)

4. Planning for the Future: (including a question & answer session)

Martin Blakey, Paul Seddon, Paul Greatrix, Steve Denton

5. Summary & Close of Meeting

Attendees are asked to arrive in good time so that the meeting can begin promptly at 6.00 pm.