I've always taken bees and what they do for granted. Equally, I can't remember exactly when I began to notice that there just didn't seem to be as many of them around in the summer as used to be. Whichever, it came as something of a shock to realise that bees are in danger. Hence my interest in realising that, in addition to being home to thousands of students and a breeding pair of peregrine falcons, as explained in an article headed 'Thousands of Bees on University Roof', Nottingham Trent University is also home to hives of bees:


Thousands of Bees on University Roof

A hive at Nottingham Trent University's city campus is now home to 20,000 bees.

The hive, which is located on the green roof of the Newton Building, was installed in June last year.

A camera has been placed in the hive so visitors to the university's website can watch activity.

The university has bees on all three of its campuses.

Brackenhurst,near Southwell, hosts hives for the Nottinghamshire Bee Keepers' Association, while at Clifton bees are kept for research.

[Nottingham Post, Saturday, 7 September 2013]


For more about Nottingham Trent's bees see:!.aspx