What Challenges Will This Year Bring for Nottingham Trent's Falcon Family?

Over the last decade a ledge high on Nottingham Trent University's Newton Building has been home to a pair of breeding peregrine falcons.

Cameras were originally installed to help protect the nest. However, over the years, and with improving technology, the 'Falconcam' project has meant that now everyone can log on, visit the family, and see how they and their off-spring fare over the breeding season.

Although NTU's falcons have been very successful in rearing their chicks, things haven't always been easy for them. In 2012 they lost three of their chicks as a result of bad weather, and last year's late snow was also a challenge, but one which they overcame and successfully reared another brood.

Regular visitors have been surprised by (and gained insight into) the behaviour of these wild birds: as those who are involved in the Falconcam project say, they have come to expect one thing - the unexpected.

To see what this breeding season brings to the NTU pair and their family, visit: